The Nominating Committee of the Auburn Alumni Association Board of Directors is requesting nominations from alumni and friends of Auburn University for four director and two officer positions.

Qualified nominees must meet the following criteria:


  • Be life members in good standing of the association;
  • Director positions serve a four-year term;
  • Officer positions serve a two-year term and must be a current or former member of the Auburn Alumni Association Board of Directors;
  • Serve on a volunteer basis;
  • Attend three board meetings per year in Auburn. This includes, but is not limited to, the annual association meeting held in conjunction with the fall board meeting and monthly teleconference calls;
  • Join the association’s sustaining life membership program through contributions to the “Circle of Excellence” scholarship society;
  • Have a history of leadership and support of the Auburn Alumni Association and Auburn University;
  • Possess demonstrated accomplishments in either a chosen professional career and/or through community service;


The nominating committee also will take into consideration an individual’s potential for representing the association’s various constituencies, their college major(s) and geographic location.


The completed nomination form must be submitted electronically, along with a brief biography and at least two letters of recommendation (but no more than four) from current *contributing association members in good standing.


You will have the option to save and continue your nomination form. However, once the form has been submitted, you will not have the option to return at a later time to complete or add further information to the nomination.

Incomplete nominations or nominations received after the deadline of Monday, April 2, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. CDT will not be accepted. For additional information or assistance contact Susan Barnes at (334) 844-3820.

Definition of Contributing Members


*Auburn Alumni Association Bylaws, Article V Members, Section 1. B.  


Contributing Members shall be all graduates of Auburn University and its predecessors who have paid their Life Membership contributions or who are current in payment of their annual contributions to the Association and all past regularly registered students of Auburn University and its predecessors who have remained a student at Auburn University as long as one quarter or semester and who are current with their membership contributions to the Association. Each Contributing Member shall be entitled to one vote on all matters brought properly before the Members of the Association.