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How One Second Makes A Difference

GOT A SECOND to join me for a quick trip down memory lane? November 30, 2019 will live in our hearts and memories for years to come. I have proudly cheered on our Tigers for decades and, without exception, experiencing our epic Iron Bowl win in person was pure magic. There were so many unexpected surprises on both sides of the field throughout the game, but an unmatched spirit of gratitude, joy and passion was only exhibited by the Auburn Family.

While we celebrated our win, we also paused to grieve the very same weekend when we learned of the passing of Pat Sullivan ’72. He personified what it meant to be a true Auburn man and his incredibly positive impact on Auburn will be felt forever. More importantly, he will be remembered for the difference he made in the lives of others. Our heartfelt condolences to the Sullivan family.

In this new year, the Auburn Alumni Association received a boost in membership, as it officially welcomed more than 1,900 December graduates into the family. Our best wishes to them as they begin to write their own alumni stories. A special thanks to critically acclaimed actor and Auburn alumnus Michael O’Neill ’74, whose commencement address, titled “The Unexpected,” offered excellent reminders that life doesn’t always turn out as you might expect. Our congratulations to Michael and his wife Mary, whose daughter Ella, graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in history to continue their family’s Auburn legacy.

Dedicated Auburn Club and affiliate leaders from across the country returned to the Plains earlier this month for the association’s annual club leadership conference. Their enthusiasm and loyalty to Auburn are inspiring as they continue to anchor and grow the vast Auburn alumni network. Best practices, programmatic updates and awards were among the topics discussed and celebrated throughout the weekend. To learn more about how this program continues to make a positive difference in the lives of the AuburnFamily, please visit:

In its ongoing quest to implement alumni attitude study findings, the association is excited to announce the creation of a Young Alumni Council. Twenty-five young alumni were selected for this inaugural council from a pool of 94 applicants representing 18 states. To read more about this council, you may visit:

As you enjoy the new year, remember that it only takes a second to make a positive impact. Please consider taking a second to renew your commitment to the association, participate in an alumni event, refer a prospective student, provide internships for current students, hire a fellow graduate and above all else, continue to spread the Auburn spirit wherever you go.

War Eagle!

Gretchen VanValkenburg

Gretchen VanValkenburg ’86
Vice President for Alumni Affairs &
Executive Director, Auburn Alumni Association



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Susan Barnes

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