Alumni Affairs


THANK YOU to everyone who accepted our invitation to complete the alumni attitude survey earlier this year! Your enthusiastic participation and feedback validated how the association is performing well, and offered tremendous insight into future possibilities.

In response to our question about how Auburn alumni would describe themselves, the top three adjectives selected were “hardworking,” “positive” and “responsible.” These should sound very familiar to the Auburn Family, as they are also major themes woven throughout the Auburn Creed and are reflective of the university’s land-grant mission.

A shared love of Auburn, athletics and tradition continue to resonate deeply with our alumni, as well as a sincere desire to hear about how Auburn University is making a difference through research and innovative discoveries. In this issue of the Auburn Magazine, I hope you will enjoy learning more about the positive implications of Auburn University’s recent designation by the Carnegie Commission as an R1 institution.

The results of the survey confirmed how much our Auburn Family never tires of applauding fellow alumni success. Equally important is their desire to understand how current students are preparing for their future in today’s education environment.

And, perhaps not too surprising, our alumni want to know how they can continue to pay it forward by offering assistance to our students along their journey.

One of the most notable areas presented for the alumni association is developing a comprehensive approach to connecting and engaging our growing, energetic young alumni base. It is gratifying to learn that our most recent graduates are eager to remain connected to our institution in various ways, and will serve our institution through meaningful endeavors.

So, on behalf of our board of directors and professional staff, thank you for accepting our invitation. We are listening! Please stay tuned as we use these results to inform, update and refresh the association’s strategic plan.

In the meantime, I hope your summer is wonderfully relaxing and fun-filled.

War Eagle!

Gretchen VanValkenburg

Gretchen VanValkenburg ’86
Vice President for Alumni Affairs &
Executive Director, Auburn Alumni Association



Susan Barnes

Susan Barnes

Executive Coordinator
(334) 844-3820

Gwen Whitlock

Gwen Whitlock '83

Executive Coordinator
(334) 844-1134


Jessica King

Jessica King '02

(334) 844-2960

Todd Deery headshot

Todd Deery '90

Assistant Director
(334) 844-2960

Kate Larkin

Kate Asbury Larkin

Alumni Programs Coordinator
(334) 844-1149

Kate Cole

Kate Cole '07

Alumni Programs Coordinator, Membership
(334) 844-2889

Derek Herscovici

Derek Herscovici '14

Communications Specialist, Assistant Editor of Auburn Magazine
(334) 844-4016

Heather Peevy

Heather Peevy

Art Design Specialist
(334) 844-1293

Kaleigh Peltack

Kaleigh Peltack '17

Art & Design Specialist, Graphic Designer
(334) 844-2912

Morgan Rigsby

Morgan Rigsby

Administrative Support Specialist
(334) 844-2960


Jennifer Stephens

Jennifer Stephens

Senior Director
(334) 844-1435

Eddie Orantes

(334) 844-1144

Tammy Hill

Tammie Hill

Analyst III, IRF Financial Reporting
(334) 844-7035

Rhonda Gibson

Rhonda Gibson

Accounts Payable Specialist
(334) 844-1126

Lyn Long

Lyn Long

Alumni Gift/Collections Specialist
(334) 844-1197

Lynn Pauley

Lynn Pauley '90

Office Supervisor
(334) 844-2586

Andrew-Gunn Photo

Andrew Gunn

(334) 844-1109

Robert Rumfelt headshot

Robert Rumfelt

Building Operations Coordinator
(334) 844-1109


Danielle Fields

Danielle Fields '02

(334) 844-2985

Taylor Logan

Taylor Logan '06

(334) 844-7420

Janet Bryant

Janet Bryant '85

Administrative Support Specialist
(334) 844-1150

Steve Inabinet

Steve Inabinet '78

Alumni Scholarship Coordinator
(334) 844-2995

Erin Hutchins

Erin Hutchins '09

Alumni Programs Coordinator, Inclusion & Diversity and Student Alumni Association
(334) 844-1146

Blair DeCoux

Blair DeCoux '04

Alumni Programs Coordinator, Auburn Clubs
(334) 844-1148

Amy Pope

Amy Pope

Special Events Coordinator
(334) 844-1443

Emma Brannon

Emma Brannon

Administrative Support Specialist
(334) 844-1145

The Auburn Alumni Center

Welcome to the Auburn Alumni Center! The Auburn Alumni Center is more than a building. It is a story that continues to be written. Whether you are an Auburn alumnus or a friend, you can write yourself into the narrative.

Many hotels and conference centers can offer you a room—a space to hold your wedding, reunion, office party or seminar. But when you are inviting your closest friends and associates to join you for an unforgettable occasion, you want more than “a space”.

You need a place that is as special as your event—as heartwarming as the memories you hope to create. Because of the spirit of family and friendship that first inspired its creation and guided its construction, the Auburn Alumni Center perfectly fills that need.

Touring the Facility

For more information regarding tours of the Auburn Alumni Center, please contact Lynn Pauley, Office Supervisor at 334-844-2586 or email

Room Rentals

As one of the premier rental spaces on campus, the Auburn Alumni Center provides a personal and first-class experience. With more than 6,300 square feet of event and office space in the alumni center, the possibilities are endless.

Promise of Success

As part of our quality of service, we offer the following to ensure that each event is successful: Experienced, professional staff, Meeting rooms that are set up on time and to specification, Reliable equipment, A dedicated facility representative available on the day of the event for assistance, Accurate and timely billing documentation.

Finding the Perfect Space

The Auburn Alumni Center can accommodate 300 visitors. Available for rental are conference rooms which can be configured in a variety of ways. In addition, a large reception area is conveniently located in the facility.

Competitive Rates

It is recognized that our competitive rates are some of the best in town, and we would enjoy the opportunity to host your event or function.

Touring Our Facility

Customized tours of the facility are offered so that potential customers may view the variety of rooms available. Call us to schedule a tour.
If you do not find the information you are looking for on this web site, the information can also be mailed to you, please contact us directly.

Available Rooms

Goodwin Rooms

(1 Room) 150 or 50

  • 1/2 Day: $200
  • Full Day: $300
  • Evening: $400
  • Weekend: $600
  • Add Full A/V: $150
Goodwin Rooms

(2 or 3) 150 or 50

  • 1/2 Day: $250
  • Full Day: $400
  • Evening: $500
  • Weekend: $800*
  • Add Full A/V: $250


  • 1/2 Day: $300
  • Full Day: $400
  • Evening: $600
  • Weekend: $1000*
  • Add Full A/V: $250
Gilmore Board u shape with chairs


  • 1/2 Day: $500
  • Full Day: $750
  • Evening: $875
  • Weekend: $1000
  • Price includes A/V
Sewell Library

10, no food allowed

  • 1/2 Day: $150
  • Full Day: $250
  • Evening: $325
  • Weekend: $400

*If all Goodwin Rooms and the Atrium are booked together, booking price is reduced to $1,500. Full A/V is an additional $300.

Contact About Rentals

Room Rental Function Request Form

  • :

Equipment Rental Rates

We provide up-to-date equipment to support electronic presentations and audio amplifications.


  • Full A/V package – $250 (includes 2 70″ TVs, projector, podium/mic or handheld mic)
  • Eiki LCI projector (Goodwin only) – $100
  • 70″ flat screen TV – $100
  • Microphone (mounted on podium) – $20
  • Podium – no charge
  • Wireless lapel microphone – $40
  • Handheld microphone – $20
  • Piano – $50
  • Conference speaker phone – $20
  • Kitchen access- $50

Price Terms

  • 1/2 day: work day, 4 hour or less
  • Full day: work day, 4-8 hours
  • Evening: Monday-Thursday after 5:00 p.m.
  • Weekend: Friday 5:00 p.m. – Sunday 11:00 p.m. – up to 6 hours, additional $150/hour

All events must be concluded, clean up complete and guests vacated from the premises by 11:00 p.m., unless approved by facilities manager.