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Congratulations, Celebrations and Gratitude

OVER THE PAST 125 YEARS, women have undeniably made a positive impact on Auburn University’s history and in their respective communities across the globe. Our unique voices and collective experiences are woven together into a beautiful tapestry that has not always been visibly displayed or easily referenced. However, I believe this aspect of our institution’s history deserves attention and is worth celebrating.

In 1892, three brave women—Katherine Broun, Willie Little and Margaret Teague—enrolled in classes at the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama. It is hard to imagine what their daily lives were like and the challenges they faced, but their actions forever changed the landscape of Auburn University’s future. Whether intended or not, they helped transform the lives of the countless women and the families who followed in their footsteps. Since the beginning, the number of Auburn alumnae has climbed to 129,140 and continues to grow with each commencement. Women account for 49 percent of current enrollment, and today’s students enjoy equal access to education, scholarships, research, travel, leadership positions and student activities.

Over the past year, an enthusiastic and dedicated committee led by retired Johnson and Johnson executive Melanie Barstad ’75 has met regularly to research and prepare for this notable anniversary. Prior to our initial committee meeting,

I had the pleasure of visiting with historian and author Leah Rawls Atkins ’58, who helped spearhead the 100th anniversary and also wrote Blossoms Amid the Deep Verdure. Her guidance, wisdom and support have been an invaluable resource to our group. She has been our best cheerleader!

Through these university-wide planning efforts, it has been our goal to capture the unique spirit that defines all Auburn women, past, present and future. I hope you will participate in the numerous 125 Years of Auburn Women activities scheduled to take place throughout the fall semester. Please enjoy this commemorative issue of Auburn Magazine and visit our website for a full calendar and to share your personal story:

I am proud to be an Auburn Woman and am humbled to be in the company of such inspirational alumnae who continue to raise the profile of our great university. I look forward to what Auburn Women will do in the future and truly believe that we are just getting started!

War Eagle!

Gretchen VanValkenburg

Gretchen VanValkenburg ’86
Vice President for Alumni Affairs &
Executive Director, Auburn Alumni Association



Susan Barnes

Susan Barnes

Executive Coordinator
(334) 844-3820

Gwen Whitlock

Gwen Whitlock ‘83

Executive Coordinator
(334) 844-1134


Jessica King

Jessica King ‘02

(334) 844-2960

Morgan Rigsby

Morgan Rigsby

Administrative Support Specialist
(334) 844-2960

Kate Larkin

Kate Asbury Larkin

Alumni Programs Coordinator/Outreach
(334) 844-1149

Kate Cole

Kate Cole

Alumni Programs Coordinator/Membership
(334) 844-2889

Derek Herscovici

Derek Herscovici

Communications Specialist, Assistant Editor of Auburn Magazine
(334) 844-4016

Heather Peevy

Heather Peevy

Art Design Specialist
(334) 844-1293

Aaron Blackmon

Aaron Blackmon '10

Digital Strategist
(334) 844-2197

Kaleigh Peltack

Kaleigh Peltack '17

Art & Design Specialist, Graphic Designer
(334) 844-2912

Michael Pair

Michael Pair '10

IT Specialist
(334) 844-1143

Amy Gary

Amy gary

Communications Specialist, Editor of Auburn Magazine
(334) 844-1184


Danielle Fields

Danielle Fields ‘02

(334) 844-2985

Taylor Logan

Taylor Logan ‘06

(334) 844-7420

Janet Bryant

Janet Bryant ‘85

Administrative Support Specialist
(334) 844-1150

Steve Inabinet

Steve Inabinet ‘78

Alumni Scholarship Director
(334) 844-2995

Erin Hutchins

Erin Hutchins '09

Inclusion & Diversity Programs Coordinator
(334) 844-1146

Blair DeCoux

Blair DeCoux '04

Auburn Clubs Coordinator
(334) 844-1148

Amy Pope

Amy Pope

Administrative Support Specialist

Joshua Huggins

Joshua Huggins '13

Special Events Coordinator
(334) 844-1145

Madeline Smith

Madeline Smith '17

Graduate Assistant, Student Alumni Association
(334) 844-1973


Jennifer Stephens

Jennifer Stephens

(334) 844-1435

Tammy Hill

Tammie Hill

Accountant II
(334) 844-7035

Lyn Long

Lyn Long ‘88

Alumni Gift/Collections Specialist
(334) 844-1197

Rhonda Gibson

Rhonda Gibson

Accounts Payable Specialist


eddie-orantes photo

Eddie Orantes

(334) 844-1144

Lynn Pauley

Lynn Pauley ‘90

Admin Support Specialist
(334) 844-2586

Travis-Spraggins Photo

Travis Spraggins

Coordinator, Mailroom
(334) 844-1109

Andrew-Gunn Photo

Andrew Gunn

(334) 844-1109

The Auburn Alumni Center

Welcome to the Auburn Alumni Center! The Auburn Alumni Center is more than a building. It is a story that continues to be written. Whether you are an Auburn alumnus or a friend, you can write yourself into the narrative.

Many hotels and conference centers can offer you a room—a space to hold your wedding, reunion, office party or seminar. But when you are inviting your closest friends and associates to join you for an unforgettable occasion, you want more than “a space”.

You need a place that is as special as your event—as heartwarming as the memories you hope to create. Because of the spirit of family and friendship that first inspired its creation and guided its construction, the Auburn Alumni Center perfectly fills that need.

Touring the Facility

Contact About Touring

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Room Rentals

As one of the premier rental spaces on campus, the Auburn Alumni Center provides a personal and first-class experience. With more than 6,300 square feet of event and office space in the alumni center, the possibilities are endless.

Promise of Success

As part of our quality of service, we offer the following to ensure that each event is successful: Experienced, professional staff, Meeting rooms that are set up on time and to specification, Reliable equipment, A dedicated facility representative available on the day of the event for assistance, Accurate and timely billing documentation.

Finding the Perfect Space

The Auburn Alumni Center can accommodate 300 visitors. Available for rental are conference rooms which can be configured in a variety of ways. In addition, a large reception area is conveniently located in the facility.

Competitive Rates

It is recognized that our competitive rates are some of the best in town, and we would enjoy the opportunity to host your event or function.

Touring Our Facility

Customized tours of the facility are offered so that potential customers may view the variety of rooms available. Call us to schedule a tour.
If you do not find the information you are looking for on this web site, the information can also be mailed to you, please contact us directly.

Available Rooms

*If all Goodwin Rooms and the Atrium are booked together, booking price is reduced to $1,500.

All events must be concluded, clean up complete and guests must vacate the premises by 11 p.m., unless approved by facilities manager.

Goodwin Rooms

(1 Room) 150 or 50

  • 1/2 Day: $200
  • Full Day: $300
  • Evening: $400
  • Weekend: $600
Goodwin Rooms

(2 or 3) 150 or 50

  • 1/2 Day: $250
  • Full Day: $400
  • Evening: $500
  • Weekend: $800*


  • 1/2 Day: $300
  • Full Day: $400
  • Evening: $600
  • Weekend: $1000*
Gilmore Board u shape with chairs


  • 1/2 Day: $500
  • Full Day: $750
  • Evening: $875
  • Weekend: $1000
Sewell Library

10, no food allowed

  • 1/2 Day: $150
  • Full Day: $250
  • Evening: $325
  • Weekend: $400

Book Now

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Equipment Rental Rates

We provide up-to-date equipment to support electronic presentations and audio amplifications.


$50 Kitchen Facility
$10 Screen
$40 Music docking station
$40 Wireless Lapel Microphone
$20 Hand-held Microphone
$75 50″ Mounted TV
$50 Piano
$100 Projector
$20 Podium (with attached microphone)
$20 DVD Player
$20 Conference speaker phone

Availability and Terms

Please call 10 days in advance to secure specific equipment. All rooms are set up to accommodate any equipment needs.

Projection Equipment

The Auburn Alumni Center has available a variety of projection equipment including LCD projectors and projection screens. Support is available to set up equipment provided by the center.

NOTE: Our LCD projectors work with most laptops, but compatibility is not guaranteed.