Black Alumni Council

The Auburn Alumni Association is committed to creating a culture of inclusion in the programs and services provided. This is set forth by the association’s 2017-2021 strategic plan to enhance the engagement and connection of all Auburn University alumni and friends.

As a result of the growing participation of our black alumni and the success of Black Alumni Weekend the Auburn Alumni Association Board of Directors recently approved the creation of a Black Alumni Council to be formed in Fall 2020.

Why is Your Involvement Important?

Becoming a member of the council will give you the opportunity to advocate for the concerns of black alumni and friends, assist with the recruitment of new students, support the retention of current students and work to preserve the legacy of black alumni, especially those who paved the way for us to attend Auburn University.

2020 Black Alumni Council Application

Applications are closed. 

The Auburn Alumni Association Black Alumni Council will be comprised of 10 Auburn University graduates, representing a variety of colleges/schools, graduation years and geographic locations, whose primary mission will be to support the goals and mission of the Auburn Alumni Association, specifically on matters pertaining to black alumni.

To apply, complete the application and include at least one letter of recommendation either personal or professional and a biography/resume. All applications must be received by Friday, May 29, 2020 at 4:45 p.m. CST.

You will have the option to save and continue your application at a later time, however, once you submit your application, you will not be able to make any changes.

Those who are selected for the council will be notified by July 31, 2020. The first on-campus council meeting will be held in October 2020.

Mission of the Black Alumni Council

The mission of the Black Alumni Council is to facilitate the engagement of black alumni and friends with the Auburn Alumni Association and Auburn University as a whole. The Black Alumni Council will:

– advocate for the concerns of black alumni and friends
– assist with the recruitment of new students
– support the retention of current students
– promote greater participation from black alumni with their time, talents and -resources
– develop events and programs of interest to black alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends
– work to preserve the legacy of black alumni and those who paved the way for us to attend Auburn University

Black Alumni Council Expectations

  • Must be a graduate of Auburn University
  • Must be a contributing member of the Auburn Alumni Association in good standing
  • Serve a two-year term
  • Attend 3-4 council meetings per year (in person/on campus; via phone)
  • Participate in and guide council initiatives to align with the mission of the Auburn Alumni Association
  • Develop the mission of the council and set specific goals that align with this mission
  • Serve as a representative and ambassador of the Auburn Alumni Association
  • Raise funds to support Auburn Alumni Association strategic initiatives
  • Participate in university strategic enrollment initiatives
  • Join your local Auburn Club and connect with local alumni
  • Assist with the planning and execution of Black Alumni Weekend
  • Attend and assist staff at Black Alumni Weekend
  • Donate at least $300 over term of service to the Auburn Alumni Association PLUS Scholarship
  • Help identify new council members

Black Alumni Stories

Read profiles of Auburn’s black alumni and professionals below

  • Bruce Kaalund '84
  • Tiffany Welch '94
    Tiffany Welch '94
  • Samuel "Skip" Vaughn '76
  • Johnetta Jackson Henry '77
  • Theresa Steele Mitchell '01
  • Justin Robinson '16
  • Kelli Tolbert ‘92
  • Vertrina Grubbs '92
  • Lora Bailey '87: From The Plains To New Mexico
  • Kelvin Redd '90
  • Nicole Harris '14
  • Starrah Huffman
    Starrah Huffman '15
  • Kitrell Henderson Jr.
    Kittrell Henderson Jr. '08
  • Erika Sankey
    Erika Sankey '15
  • Olivia Cook
    Olivia Cook '14
  • DJ Gorgeous performing in Birmingham.
    Aisha Stroud ‘09: Banker by day, DJ Gorgeous by night
  • Sidberry currently works for Carter's Inc.
    Phillip Sidberry ‘11: Putting heart into art
  • Hathaway was the first African American ceramics teacher at Auburn.
    Isaac Scott Hathaway: Sculpting a better Auburn
  • Hillman poses at Auburn this past year.
    Danyelle Hillman ‘99: Auburn's first African American female cheerleader continues to inspire
  • Robinson owns her own company, JayRo Productions.
    Jaylin Robinson ‘11: Freelancer to business-owner
  • Ileeia Cobb helps make OLLI the best it can be.
    Ileeia A. Cobb ‘11: Using passion to Serve Senior Citizens
  • Scouting Champions, Allen Greene
    Travis Coleman '07: Scouting Champions
  • Ashley Gooden
    Ashley Gooden '14: Reporting Live
  • Weston Sims '19, Calvin Wilborn '19 make national impact on DNC
  • CJ Uzomah Running
    From Tiger to Tiger: Auburn Alumni on the Cincinnati Bengals
  • Kim Burton '88
    Kim Burton '88
  • Cherith Fluker '01
    Cherith Fluker '01
  • Khiari McAlpin '09
    Khiari McAlpin '09
  • Sophia Bracy Harris
    Sophia Bracy Harris '72
  • ShaRhonda Holmes-Stinson '05
    ShaRhonda Holmes-Stinson '05
  • Chacolby Burns-Johnson '01
    Chacolby Burns-Johnson '01
  • Paige Horace '13
    Paige Horace '13
  • Brandeis Reasor '06
    Brandeis Reasor '06
  • Tay-Lea Clayton '10
    Tay-Lea Clayton '10
  • Angelica Parker '11
    Angelica Parker '11
  • Yameeka CEO
    Yameeka Jones '01: Success Through Confidence
  • Paula Ducker-Davy '89
    Paula Ducker-Davy '89
  • Ashley Gayles '09 2
    Ashley Gayles '09
  • Jermelle Matthews '09
    Jermelle Matthews '09
  • Krystal Moore '07
    Krystal Moore '07
  • Sharne Rice '10
    Sharne Rice '10
  • Gabrielle Brundidge '13
    Gabrielle Brundidge '13
  • Jessica Alexander '11
    Jessica Alexander '11
  • Wanona Satcher '02
    Wanona Satcher '02
  • Tanya Anderson '95
    Tanya Anderson '95
  • Josetta Brittain Matthews '66
    Josetta Brittain Matthews '66
  • Mshon Pulliam
    Mshon Pulliam ‘12: Talking Potential
  • Mercedes Linton '14
    Mercedes Linton '14
  • Tracey Childs '98 & '00
    Tracey Childs '98
  • a photo of Erin Hutchins by the Auburn sign
    Erin Hutchins '09
  • Tiffany Davis '98
    Tiffany Davis '98
  • Sefako Kpomblekou-Tidwell '07
    Sefako Kpomblekou-Tidwell '07
  • Janayah Hudson '96
    Janayah Hudson '96
  • Angela Jenkins '94
    Angela Jenkins '94
  • Janice Jones '04
    Janice Jones '04
  • Sharonne Jacobs '94
    Sharonne Jacobs '94
  • Natalie Walker '16
    Natalie Walker '16
  • Jada Kidd Robinson '94
    Jada Kidd Robinson '94
  • Kimberly Mitchell '01
    Kimberly Mitchell '01
  • Natalie Stevenson '12
    Natalie Stevenson '12
  • Octavia Spencer
    Octavia Spencer: First Auburn Grad to Host SNL
  • Maya Pressley High Jump - Action Shot
    Maya Pressley '13: Olympic Hopeful Jumps Higher
  • LaNita Harris Photo
    LaNita Wright '09: Caring for Her Young Community
  • Drew Tipton and son
    Drew Tipton '08: Stitching Faith and Fashion
  • Greg Phillip Curtis photo
    Gregory Philip Curtis'11: Carving A Dream
  • Monica Gibbs photo
    Monica Gibbs '02: Exploring Creative Design

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Alumni can also donate scrapbooks, diaries, journals, letters, photographs and other items related to their time at Auburn University to the Special Collections and Archives Department. In doing this we can ensure that future generations know what life was like for years to come.  To make a donation, contact Tommy Brown at 334-844-1733.


Erin Hutchins

Erin Hutchins ’09

Inclusion & Diversity Programs Coordinator
(334) 844-1146

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