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The Nominating Committee of the Auburn Alumni Association Board of Directors is requesting nominations from alumni and friends of Auburn University for four new directors.

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This is Work-Hard Work

In 1943 George Petrie famously penned the Auburn Creed, which opens with the following lines: I believe that this is a practical world and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work. These lines illustrate the spirit of Auburn; this spirit incorporates a belief in determination, perseverance and—honestly—just plain hard work. Auburn men and women set goals and work hard to accomplish them. Behind hard work is passion, persistence and a “never say die” attitude. There are countless examples of Auburn graduates who have pushed themselves beyond their supposed limits to create, build and engineer amazing products, companies and missions.

We teach our students the importance of this drive, this intense effort. The Raymond J. Harbert College of Business offers an entrepreneurship program that encourages this creativity, this “thinking outside of the box.” This “nose to the grindstone” belief system is planting seeds in our business students that will grow new ideas and new businesses for the future. Auburn embraces this forward-thinking, hard-working mindset, and we highlight this entrepreneurship program and some of our notable entrepreneurs in this issue. Read and consider the impact we are having on our communities, our state, our nation and beyond. Many of us share memories of working hard when we were in school to earn the degrees that would equip us to go out into the world and make a difference. Next month, we will honor four individuals who exemplify the words of the Auburn Creed and whose hard work has paid off as they have accomplished great things. Coach Pat Dye, Nelda Lee, Mike Rogers and

Dwight Wiggins are examples of outstanding individuals who love Auburn and have achieved great success in their various careers. They are all role models for Auburn men and women of today and tomorrow as they show the value of hard work and determination. Also being recognized next month is K-Rob Thomas, who, in addition to being an outstanding man, proves that the younger generation of Auburn graduates is also primed to accomplish great things through hard work.

We are celebrating the idea of hard work and all that can come from it. Auburn men and women are not afraid of hard work. They are motivated by it and excited to see the results that can come from it. Perhaps a quote from Coach Pat Dye best sums up our appreciation and celebration of hard work: “Nothing has changed about what makes a winner. A winner works his butt off and is dependable. He’s not always the most talented, but he gives everything on every play.”

That says it all. Auburn men and women are winners in the classroom, in the workplace and in the game of life. We have achieved—and will continue to achieve—great things because we “believe in work, hard work.”

This is Auburn.

War Eagle!

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Beau Byrd ʼ89
President, Auburn Alumni Association

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The Auburn Alumni Association is dedicated to enhancing the engagement and connection of all Auburn University alumni and friends.


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 Board of Directors

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William C. “Beau” Byrd, II ʼ89

President, Chair, & Member

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Deborah H. Carter ’72

Vice Chair & Member

Jack Fite

William Jackson “Jack” Fite ʼ85

Past President, Chair & Ex-Officio Member

Van Henley

M. Van Henley ʼ80

Vice President & Member

Angela Mitchell

Angela S. Mitchell ʼ85

Vice Chair & Member

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