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For the Auburn Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Nominating Committee of the Auburn Alumni Association Board of Directors is requesting nominations from alumni and friends of Auburn University for four new directors.

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From our President

This is Family

I was humbled and honored to be installed as president of the Auburn Alumni Association on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016. It was fitting that I had many of my family members, college friends and fellow Auburn fans there with me on that day. I had my immediate and extended “Auburn family” there, and that made it special, personal, emotional and—honestly—totally Auburn.

As I reflect on what the “Auburn family” means to me, many images come to mind:

  • Late nights studying accounting with a group of fellow accounting majors during my senior year and making frequent visits to The Flush for some “brain food.”
  • The 18 young Auburn men and women who stood with my wife and me almost 27 years ago as we got married.
  • Going to Auburn games over the years with my wife and my sons, who at first could barely walk but could still amazingly break down the games with everyone around us.
  • My young sons wearing their Auburn hats and sweatshirts in our Christmas card pictures year after year.
  • Six fellow Auburn couples who, along with our 15 kids, road-tripped together to New Orleans for the 2005 Sugar Bowl.
  • Hundreds of middle school students who have faithfully worn their Auburn colors to school with my wife, their teacher, every November—through “ups” and “downs”—for the last 22 years.
  • Saturdays in the fall with 87,451 Auburn family members, crowded into Jordan-Hare Stadium to support our Tigers.
  • Dancing on the field with those same, countless fans after the “Kick 6” in 2013.
  • Young families lined up at Tiger Walk with babies in strollers and toddlers with tiger paws painted on their cheeks.
  • Fans gazing into the sky to watch an eagle circle a stadium and land on the 50-yard line.
  • Trees draped with toilet paper by excited fans celebrating each and every Auburn victory.
  • Chance encounters in random cities with people proudly wearing Auburn gear and sharing a “War Eagle!” with them, enjoying the common bond that we share, even as strangers.

I love Auburn and appreciate all that she has provided me over the last 27 years. I am sure all of you have your own “reel” of Auburn memories. These images running through our minds are reminders of just why we love Auburn. These “snapshots” are Auburn, and they represent the Auburn family.

I am excited to work over the next two years to further unite our Auburn family— near and far—as we continue to work for the betterment of our beloved university. Under the direction of Jack Fite, outgoing president of the Auburn Alumni Association, and Gretchen VanValkenburg, executive director of the Auburn Alumni Association and vice president for alumni affairs, we have positioned our association for great things. We want to better serve the entire Auburn family; and with the implementation of a new five-part strategic plan, I hope that we will impact each of you, our Auburn brothers and sisters. This is our mission; Auburn is our bond; and you all are a part of our Auburn family. As George Petrie famously wrote in “The Auburn Creed” in 1943—and I will change ever so slightly—“[We] believe in Auburn and love it.” And WE are Family—the Auburn Family.

God bless and War Eagle!


Beau Byrd ʼ89
President, Auburn Alumni Association

The Auburn Alumni Association


The Auburn Alumni Association is dedicated to enhancing the engagement and connection of all Auburn University alumni and friends.


To advance Auburn University by engaging our global community and cultivating their passion for and loyalty to the university.

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 Board of Directors

William C. “Beau” Byrd, II ʼ89

William C. “Beau” Byrd, II ʼ89

President, Chair, & Member

Deborah H. Carter ’72

Deborah H. Carter ’72

Vice Chair & Member

William Jackson “Jack” Fite ʼ85

William Jackson “Jack” Fite ʼ85

Past President, Chair & Ex-Officio Member

M. Van Henley ʼ80

M. Van Henley ʼ80

Vice President & Member

Angela S. Mitchell ʼ85

Angela S. Mitchell ʼ85

Vice Chair & Member

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