Freshmen Send Off Proposed Agenda

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Agenda Items

Please apply a number of these suggestions when building the agenda that works best for your group.

We want you to make this experience your own as you join us in celebrating the incoming freshmen; we also encourage you to keep the agenda fast-moving and engaging to attendees. We recognize the feeling of being “Zoom-ed out” and want to be mindful as we host these experiences.

Welcome and Introductions (10 minutes)

  • Introduce the club/affiliate members on the call, and give each student and parent the opportunity to introduce themselves.
  • Ask each person answer to share about a few specific points about themselves to keep introductions quick (ex. name, high school, living on campus or off, intended major).

Zoom Polls (10 minutes)

  • Create various polls throughout the call and have each student answer the questions.
    This option will allow for more social interaction to happen during the event. Some examples are:
    – What are you most excited about?
    – What organizations/activities do you plan on being involved in?
    – Why did you decide to come to Auburn?
    – What is your favorite Auburn tradition?

Breakout Rooms (15 minutes)

  • Utilize the breakout room function on Zoom to have conversations with both students and parents. You may include talking points of various questions to keep the conversation going.
    – Parent Breakout Room Ideas:
    — Consider organizing a parent panel to answer any questions parents of incoming freshmen may have.

Request Campus Representatives to join the event (10-15 minutes)

  • Please contact your Auburn Clubs Coordinator if you would like to include a campus representative into your event and we can make the request as necessary. This could include, but is not limited to the Admissions Office, Student Housing, Student Recruitment, etc.

Host a Current Student Panel (15 minutes)

  • Connect with current Auburn students from your area and ask if they would be willing to join the event to answer questions for the incoming freshmen.

Auburn Trivia/Game (10 minutes)

  • Play a game of trivia or host a scavenger hunt to engage the incoming freshmen during the virtual event.

Please add your own ideas into the Virtual Freshmen Send-Off experience. We know each group has a different approach when the events are hosted in person, and we encourage you to add your personal touches to this online event as well.