Freshmen Send Off Strategies and Best Practices

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Strategies and Best Practices

Step One: Connect with Incoming Freshmen and Family

  • Please request the incoming freshmen list from your Auburn Club Coordinator.
    – In the list, you will have access to the student’s name, address, email addresses, and phone number.
  • Feel free to contact all incoming students and welcome them into the Auburn Family and invite them to participate in your group’s Virtual Freshmen Send-Off.

Step Two: Plan the Virtual Experience

  • Work with your leadership team and board to determine what day and time you would like to host the Virtual Freshmen Send-Off.
    – We suggest an event that will last 45 minutes-1 hour.
    – Feel free to select the day of the week that works best with your team’s schedule.
    –We recommend hosting an event on weekdays in the late afternoon or evening.
  • Select the platform you would like to use for the virtual event.
    – We encourage our groups to utilize Zoom to host the Virtual Freshmen Send-Off experience. This platform is user-friendly, and the students have utilized or will utilize Zoom during Camp War Eagle.
    – Having pre-registration helps with the privacy and security of the event if your group chooses to ask students/families to register.
    – If you have any concerns or questions regarding Zoom, please reach out to your Auburn Clubs Coordinator.
  • Invite a few club leaders or members to attend with you.
    – Depending on how many students RSVP to your event, you may want to include less or more club members.
  • Promote and continue to invite the students to the event.
    – You may access event graphics on the Clubs Portal of the association’s website. Feel free to create posts on social media and send an email to all students using the graphics.
    – The Auburn Alumni Association will provide clubs and affiliates a gift to share with the students that attend this virtual experience. Once your club has hosted your Virtual Freshmen Send Off, please let your Auburn Clubs Coordinator know how many students attended so the correct number of gifts can be mailed to the designated club/affiliate leader.
    – The promotional item is an Auburn Alumni Association branded cup. Feel free to use this incentive in the promotion of the event.

Step Three: Finalize Event Logistics

  • Determine the agenda for your virtual event. Please reference the document attached for ideas. We also want you to make this experience unique to your club or affiliate.
  • Send out the final invitation for students and families to join in on the virtual event. It is up to you if you would like students to register prior to the event.
  • Please notify your Auburn Clubs Coordinator of the day and time of your event so we can track these programs and attend if we are able.

Alternative Freshmen Send-Off Options:

  • If you would like to celebrate the incoming freshmen, but are unable to host a virtual event, please see alternative options below.
    • Send the incoming students a “Welcome to the Auburn Family” note in the mail
    • Deliver goodie bags or a promotional item to each student and their family
    • Call each student individually to say “War Eagle” from their local Auburn Club or Affiliate