Dr. Harold Franklin holding diploma

Dr. Harold A. Franklin is an inspiration to us all! Join us as we celebrate Dr. Franklin finally receiving his master’s degree from Auburn University by completing the form below. Responses will be compiled and shared with Dr. Franklin as well as on our website and app. Select responses will also be shared on social media.

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“Congratulations Dr. Franklin! Thank you for paving the way and allowing me the opportunities I have because of you.

Thank you for your bravery”

Alesia Ruffin

“Congratulations Dr. Franklin! I celebrate your perseverance and fortitude. Your sacrifices and efforts helped pave the way for generations of young men and women. Thank you for leading the way. Respectfully yours.”

Kevin Roughton

“Congratulations! Thank you for paving the way so that I could attend with far less obstacles than you had to face. Well done! War Eagle!”

Michele Stephens

“Good morning Dr. Franklin,

Thank you for having a strong heart, mind, and soul. You could have walked away and said, “I tried.” However, you challenged the system when you knew your wisdom and words were more than good enough. Continue to relax your mind and share the knowledge with the world.”

Jerry Smith

“Congratulations, Dr. Franklin, and thank you for having the courage to forge a path for all future Black students who came after you, and will now come after us, to call Auburn University home away from home, to forge our own individual paths to intellectual and character excellence. We will never forget your dedication or your groundbreaking spirit and effort.”

Keith Cain

“Blessings to you Dr. Franklin and thank you for proving that no obstacle can prevent you from achieving God’s purpose for your life. Your obedience to His will and tenacity have paid off in a mighty way. Just imagine how many lives you have encouraged by your example to overcome. I congratulate and celebrate you… War Eagle!!!!”

Maureen Goins

“Dr. Franklin,

Thank you and congratulations! You are Auburn University. You were on my mind throughout my matriculation at Auburn, and you will continue to be in my mind and my heart throughout my career.

Again, thank you so very much!”

Sierra Bowens

“Dr. Franklin, the perseverance, intelligence and strength that you embody are inspiring. I can only hope that we continue to seek and fight for change in the ways that you have. Congratulations for your recent degree and for all of your accomplishments.”

Abby Boone

“Congratulations Dr. Harold Franklin!!! Having a father from central Alabama named Harold and a brother named Harold, you already have a special place in my heart. My father is an Auburn fan, and when he was younger his family moved him from Alabama to California because of the racial unrest in the south. I think of your amazing story, and because of your courage, young black men like my father now have the opportunity to stay and attend a local university. I also want to give you the sincerest and heartfelt THANK YOU for paving the way for black Auburn alumni like myself. I am so grateful I was able to experience a quality education from Auburn and your journey helped make that possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Jameela Belyeu

“Brave! Determined! Inspiring! Hero! These are just some of the words that come to mind when I read your story Dr. Franklin. I can’t begin to fathom how you must have felt when you stood up for the right and privilege of all citizens, no matter their circumstances, to have access to higher education. Congratulations seems so inadequate for what you have accomplished because your bravery and fortitude changed the course of history. Thank you for not allowing the ignorance and hatred to keep you from making a difference in the lives of so many. Thank you for your willingness to sacrifice your life and dreams so many years ago in order to hopefully change the trajectory for so many who would come behind you. May your name forever be remembered in the Halls of Auburn as one who fought with bravery and determination for an injustice to be made right. Jennifer E Jones, AU Graduate Studies: School Counseling”

Jennifer Jones