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Kristen Waldrop ’13

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Kristen Waldrop '13

My family has always cheered for “that school on the other side of the state,” so it was no easy decision when I applied for Auburn my senior year of high school. I knew after my first visit it was where I wanted to attend college, and I knew this so deeply that I didn’t bother looking anywhere else. My mom begged, pleaded, and bribed me to apply to a few other schools – just to be safe – but I was having none of it. I put my cards all in for Auburn, and it paid off in dividends.

After graduating with my degree in marketing, I now have the privilege of promoting one of the coolest “products” around – the city of Huntsville, Alabama! As the marketing manager for the Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau, I get to work every day sharing the incredible story of the Rocket City with those far and wide.

Auburn gave me so many gifts – lifelong friends, self confidence, a solid work ethic, and like many other lucky Auburn men and women, my spouse. Today a piece of the original Auburn Oaks now sits on our mantel, and every day it serves as a reminder of the place we’ll always call home.