Student Alumni Association

About SAA

The Auburn Student Alumni Association (SAA) is the student chapter of the Auburn Alumni Association. Established in 1999, SAA is the largest student organization at Auburn, with an average of 2,300 members. The Student Alumni Association provides students with the opportunity to interact with other students as well as Auburn University alumni and friends. Members of the organization receive a t-shirt and member discount card, plus other cool items, and can choose from one-year or four-year memberships. A number of events are hosted by SAA throughout the year, such as our annual Welcome Week event, BEAT Parties in the fall and spring, holiday themed events and many more opportunities to connect with other members.

The Student Alumni Association also works to raise funds for student scholarships. Rising seniors who are members of SAA are eligible for our annual scholarship. A dollar from each member’s dues goes toward this scholarship fund. We are very thankful for our SAA members and their continued participation and support!

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Upcoming Events

Commemorative Medallions

Want to give back to Auburn in an area of your choice, and have a cool keepsake to wear at graduation?

“As a graduating senior, the idea of getting a commemorative medallion seemed like a no brainer.”

– Grace Rudder ’16

Learn More Here

Member Benefit Providers

  • 4 Seasons Cleaner – 10% discount
  • Anders Bookstore – 15% off all merchandise (excludes books and electronics); 10% discount on textbooks
  • Auburn Reprographics – 20% off supplies and 10% off printing
  • Brooks Brothers – Members are eligible to enroll for a Brooks Brothers Corporate Membership Card to receive a 15% savings on regularly priced merchandise. Enter Org. ID: 12183 and Pin Code: 25018

Meet the Board

The Student Alumni Board of Directors is the governing body of the Student Alumni Association. The board is responsible for planning events and coordinating projects that help our members network with alumni and fellow students; raising scholarship funds; and helping students build a stronger sense of connection to Auburn University in preparation for graduation. Members of the board are chosen through a highly selective application and interview process in the spring.

The Student Alumni Board is composed of four committees with a wide range of responsibilities. The committees are Membership, Events, Sponsorships and Public Relations. The role of the membership committee is to assist with developing campaign ideas to increase student memberships throughout the year. The events committee is responsible for assisting with all Student Alumni Association programs and events hosted throughout the year. Committee members will also brainstorm new and creative ideas for future events. The role of the sponsorships committee is to assist with obtaining local sponsors for annual events and member benefits. The role of the public relations committee is to assist with publicizing and promoting Student Alumni Association across campus and all social media platforms.

Student Alumni Board members proudly serve Auburn as hosts and hostesses at Auburn Alumni Association events such as the Auburn Hospitality Tailgate and Club Leadership Conference.

To be considered for the board, you must be a member of the SAA, so if you are interested in applying for a position on the board this fall, join the SAA today and get involved by attending some of our great events! Applications will be made available each spring on this website.

To request Student Alumni Board members for an event fill out the form below. We ask that requests be made at least a month in advance of event for scheduling purposes.

Request Student Alumni Board Members for an Event
  1. makenzie_rogers_2017
  2. makenzie_rogers_2017

Makenzie Rogers

Houston, TX
Major: Global Studies

  1. zach_carnes_2017
  2. zach_carnes_2017

Zach Carnes

Executive VP
Alabaster, AL
Major: Exercise Sciences

  1. morgan_slater_2017
  2. morgan_slater_2017

Morgan Slater

VP, Public Relations
Tampa, FL
Major: Public Relations

  1. madison_morlan_2017
  2. madison_morlan_2017

Madison Morlan

VP, Events
Sharpsburg, GA
Major: Biomedical Sciences

  1. brandon_stokes_2017
  2. brandon_stokes_2017

Brandon Stokes

VP, Membership
Jemison, AL
Major: Mechanical Engineering

  1. lesley_turner_2017
  2. lesley_turner_2017

Lesley Turner

VP, Sponsors
Birmingham, AL
Major: Anthropology and Biology

  1. scott_britton_2017
  2. scott_britton_2017

Scott Britton

Birmingham, AL
Major: Finance

  1. robbie_cronk_2017
  2. robbie_cronk_2017

Robbie Cronk

Mobile, AL
Major: Microbiology

  1. Hunter Cunningham
  2. Hunter Cunningham gif

Hunter Cunningham

Napa Valley, CA
Major: Entrepreneurship

  1. madeline_farmer_2017
  2. madeline_farmer_2017

Madeline Farmer

Roanoke, AL
Major: Biomedical Sciences

  1. jack_fruin_2017
  2. jack_fruin_2017

Jack Fruin

Birmingham, AL
Major: Biomedical Sciences/Finance

  1. victoria_gross_2017
  2. victoria_gross_2017

Victoria Gross

Mobile, AL
Major: Family Business & Entrepreneurship

  1. luke_hentrich_2017
  2. luke_hentrich_2017

Luke Hentrich

Herrin, IL
Major: Pre-Pharmacy

  1. kaitlyn_hickman_2017
  2. kaitlyn_hickman_2017

Kaitlyn Hickman

Fairhope, AL
Major: Microbiology

  1. bob_ledbetter_2017
  2. bob_ledbetter_2017

Bob Ledbetter

Rome, GA
Major: Communication

  1. Sarah Jane Levine
  2. Sarah Jane Levine gif

Sarah Jane Levine

Enterprise, AL
Major: Apparel Merchandising with a Minor in Business

  1. chloe_mcguire_2017
  2. chloe_mcguire_2017

Chloe McGuire

Mobile, AL
Major: Political Science

  1. karlee_oliver_2017
  2. karlee_oliver_2017

Karlee Oliver

Lanett, AL
Major: Accounting

  1. miller_parker_2017
  2. miller_parker_2017

Miller Parker

Birmingham, AL
Major: Mechanical Engineering

  1. jake_reeves_2017
  2. jake_reeves_2017

Jake Reeves

Spicewood, TX
Major: Mechanical Engineering

  1. cameron_rice_2017
  2. cameron_rice_2017

Cameron Rice

Auburn, AL
Major: Finance

  1. morgan_riggins_2017
  2. morgan_riggins_2017

Madison Riggins

Trussville, AL
Major: Biosystems Engineering

  1. michael_ruth_2017
  2. michael_ruth_2017

Michael Ruth

Charlotte, NC
Major: Biomedical Sciences

  1. maggie_sappington_2017
  2. maggie_sappington_2017

Maggie Sappington

Birmingham, AL
Major: Nutrition & Dietetics

  1. cole_thompson_2017
  2. cole_thompson_2017

Cole Thompson

McCalla, AL
Major: Building Science

  1. Stacy Lin Thompson
  2. Stacy Lin Thompson gif

Stacy Lin Thompson

Enterprise, ALL
Major: Marketing

  1. kirk_williams_2017
  2. kirk_williams_2017

Kirk Williams

Sanibel, FL
Major: Electrical Engineering

  1. madeline_smith_2017
  2. madeline_smith_2017

Madeline Smith

Graduate Assistant
Student Alumni Association