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War Eagle Travelers

With a wide array of options, you can explore the world with your fellow alumni, the War Eagle Travelers. For an overview of our featured trips in 2016, please take a look at the 2016 travel brochure to the right. A complete listing of all tour itineraries and associated links are available below. If you have traveled with the Auburn Alumni Association War Eagle Travelers program in the past, you will receive our travel newsletter each month. If you have not traveled with us in the past and would like to receive trip information, please contact us to be added to our distribution list.

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Winter 2017

Symphony on the Blue Danube

Sparkling South Pacific

Jan. 25 – Feb. 4
Wolves of Yellowstone

Wolves of Yellowstone

Jan. 27 – Feb. 2

Passage through the Panama Canal and Costa Rica

Jan. 27 – Feb. 4
Wonders of the Galapagos Islands

Wonder of the Galapagos Islands

Feb. 12 – 21
Expedition to Antarctica

Expedition to Antartica

Feb. 19 – March 5

Spring 2017

Grand Cuban Voyage

Grand Cuban Voyage

March 13 – 27

Dutch Waterways

Dutch Waterways

April 10 – 18

Outrageous Outback

Outrageous Outback

April 7 – 23

Mediterranean Masterpiece

Mediterranean Masterpiece

May 10 – 21

Lewis and Clark - Old stamp photo

Passage of Lewis & Clark

May 15 – 23



May 15 – 23

Salutes Spain - Abodes

Salute to Spain

May 15 – 24

Graduation Trip

European Graduation Tour

May 19 – June 3

Vineyards Vignettes

Vinyards and Vignettes

May 23 – June 1

Summer 2017

Southern Culture American Queen River Boat, Memphis TN

Southern Culture and Civil War

June 3 – 12

Baltic - Architecture

Changing Tides of History-Baltic Seas

June 8 – 17

Switzerland - Swiss Alps


July 5 – 15

Glacial Adventures of Alaska

Glacial Adventures

July 28 – August 7

National Parks

National Parks & Lodges of Old West

July 10 – 19

British Isles Legends - Fountain

British Isles Legends

July 31 – August 13

Scotland - Architecture

Scotland, Glasglow

August 8 – 16

Chicago - River boat

Chicago – An Insider’s Perspective

August 20 – 25

Fall 2017

Giant Causeways - Ireland

Portrait of Ireland

September 25 – October 6

Capitals and Coastlines

Capitals & Coastlines of Canada and New England

September 25 – October 10

Medieval Masterpiece

Medieval Masterpiece

November 5 – 14

South African Explorer - Lion

South African Explorer

December 5 – 21

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