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Young Alumni Series

  • Jeff Thompson
    Jeff Thompson '06 - Building a model for a statewide embrace of the arts
  • Saving the Skyline with Kelli Crabtree '17
  • Danielle Faircloth '12: Making the Abstract a Reality
  • Emily Gaines ’15: Running to Success
  • Rick Hayley ’18: Sports to Sales
  • Nathan Lundquist '17: From Cadet to Lieutenant
  • Shelby Taylor: Packing Her Bags For A Career
  • Erin Jones '12: Fashion for a Statement
  • Carol Linde '15: World Traveler
  • Jack Stripling '01: A Love for Writing Goes a Long Way
  • Jonathan Mitchell '13: From Auburn to Space
  • John Gannon Padgett '18: Cost-effective in New York
  • with Ronald McDonald
    Catherine Stapleton '15: From Corporate to Non-Profit
  • Abby Hinson '17: Designing Second Chances
  • Pursuing Your Passion: Charlsie Etheredge '18
  • Hunter Parker ’16: Making Science Come to Life
  • Drake Pooley '16: Experiencing the World Through Global Consulting
  • Anna Brakefield '12: Growing a Family Business
  • Emily Strobaugh
    Emily Strobaugh '18: Journey to Brazil
  • Kitrell Henderson Jr.
    Kittrell Henderson Jr. '08
  • Erika Sankey
    Erika Sankey '15
  • Olivia Cook
    Olivia Cook '14
  • DJ Gorgeous performing in Birmingham.
    Aisha Stroud ‘09: Banker by day, DJ Gorgeous by night
  • Kris Martins works for Imagine Media Consulting in Atlanta.
    Kris Martins ‘17: Creating content for one of Atlanta’s top social media agencies
  • McIlwain found her initial passion for reporting at Auburn.
    Maria McIlwain ‘16: Covering year-round football in Texas
  • Jessica Alexander '11: Empowering Women One Brunch at a Time
  • Sidberry currently works for Carter's Inc.
    Phillip Sidberry ‘11: Putting heart into art
  • Hillman poses at Auburn this past year.
    Danyelle Hillman ‘99: Auburn's first African American female cheerleader continues to inspire
  • Robinson owns her own company, JayRo Productions.
    Jaylin Robinson ‘11: Freelancer to business-owner
  • Kohn serves as Auburn's Downtown Coordinator
    Jessica Kohn ‘09: Building the best Downtown Auburn

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