2023 Auburn Club Speaker Request Form

When possible, the Auburn Alumni Association will schedule and cover travel expenses for one to two (depending on club level) speakers per club per calendar year. Clubs receiving speakers may be determined by availability of funds.

Clubs must understand there are times when association representatives and/or speakers are not available, and clubs must be flexible when determining dates. Many athletic coaches/speakers have extremely restricted availability during their recruitment period, practice, and playing season.

*Any Auburn Club requesting any speaker must have a current annual report on file with the Auburn Clubs and Affiliates program and must be in good standing.

Four Auburn Clubs are eligible for AMBUSH each year, and the location/dates are determined by Athletics. If your club receives AMBUSH, that will be considered as the group’s annual meeting.

Head Football Coach
Meetings (both the location and number) attended by the head football coach are determined by Athletics.

Other Athletic Coaches
Auburn Club requests will be submitted to Athletics for consideration and meetings attended by any athletic coach are determined by their individual programs. Typically, requests for football and basketball coaches are submitted to athletics in late February and locations are determined in early April.

Other Speakers
Auburn Clubs are also eligible for speakers outside of Athletics. The Auburn Clubs and Affiliates program maintains a list of speakers and will try to secure the best fit for your event.

* All Auburn Clubs must work through the Auburn Clubs and Affiliates program to schedule university speakers for local club events. If a club fails to comply with this policy, they forfeit all services and benefits (travel expenses, card mailing, promotion, etc.) that are provided from the association to the club.

**To request a speaker for a 2023 annual meeting (April-August), all requests must be received by Friday, January 6, 2023.

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