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A Spirit that is Not Afraid

Christina Moler

Auburn alum Christina Moler ‘05, sent us this wonderful story about finding inspiration and encouragement by showing her Auburn spirit at the New York Marathon:

On November 7, 2010, I   participated   in   the ING New York Marathon. During my the long 20+ mile training   runs,   I   often found myself brainstorming about what I should wear during   the   marathon. Everyone told me to wear a shirt that had my name on it,   so   the spectators could cheer me on by my first name. I thought that   was   a   good idea, but I wanted something more….   On October 23, 2010, while watching Auburn’s victory over LSU I   decided on what I needed to wear for my marathon. Everything   AUBURN.   I   immediately went online to the Auburn University bookstore and   ordered   an orange shirt that said “War Eagle” on the front, Auburn   shorts,   an Auburn headband, and Auburn wristbands (because Cam Newton   wears   then   for EVERY game).

On day of the Marathon I was extremely nervous. However, the   conversations that I had with other runners, because of my outfit,   put   me at ease. While stretching, an Oregon fan came up to me and told   me   she thought about wearing her Oregon Ducks shirt. We talked a   little   more about how this is the first marathon for both of us and   exchanged a   few words of encouragement. We ended our conversation by saying   “I   hope so see you again in Glendale.”

As fate has it, I WILL be in   Glendale on January 10th and I hope she will be there too.   The marathon was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my   life.   All the spectators cheered me on my saying “WAR EAGLE” or   “GO   AUBURN.” Even an LSU fan said “Go Auburn!” I politely   responded   with “Thank you,” for cheering for me and for beating Alabama   the   night before. I must have gotten hundreds of “War Eagle(s).” I   tried   my best to say “War Eagle” back to every single one of them.   Their   cheering is what carried me to the finish line. It helped me keep   my   mind off the pain of running 26.2 miles.   I hope to participate in the New York Marathon again next year,   and   if   I do I will be ALL AUBURN AGAIN!