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A Taste of the Iron Bowl on Reality TV

An Auburn guy tries to woo an Alabama gal. Despite the monumental difference in morals opinions between the fan bases, it has been known to happen.

But throw in 19 other bachelors, the constant presence of camera crews and the threat of being sent packing and the in-state rivalry seems like the least of Joey Huskins’ worries.

Huskins, a 2009 graduate and a past catcher for the baseball team, will be featured on CMT’s newest reality TV show, “Sweet Home Alabama.” The show is similar to the popular ABC show, “The Bachelorette,” with one girl dating 20 guys in an attempt to find true love unconventionally. In the eight-episode series, Devin Grissom, a rising University of Alabama junior, will be wooed by 10 city slickers and 10 country boys in a nod to Reese Witherspoon’s feature film of the same name.

The show debuts tonight at 8 p.m. (9 p.m. EST) on CMT. It was filmed in Point Clear during May and June.

As for Huskins, an investment broker with Charles Schwab, he will be duking it out for the city slickers since he resides in Phoenix and is originally from Huntington Beach, Calif. However, he believes his Auburn years gave him an advantage.

“I told her since I spent time in the South, I knew how it was to treat a Southern girl,” Huskins said. “I know what Southern girls are looking for.”

He said the 20-year-old was not too far from an ‘Auburn girl.’

“She was a true Southern belle that was breathtakingly gorgeous and had a good sense of family and good morals,” Huskins said. “But I have to admit, hearing ‘Roll Tide’ come out of her mouth made me cringe.”

Of course with the show yet to debut, Huskins couldn’t reveal anything about the show’s winner or the order the guys were sent home. Confrontation, however, was rarely absent, the 27-year-old said.

“It was a head butt the whole way of city versus country.”

But this city boy played it cool, spending most of his energy trying to get one-on-one time with Grissom. When the Auburn-Alabama rivalry came up between the two, Huskins was able to capitalize. He said their joking and poking fun because of their respective football alliances helped the two become more comfortable around one another.

“When you connect with a girl as good looking as her it’s more of a teasing thing than a hate,” he said.

Let’s hope Grissom realizes what a catch she has with this Auburn gentleman. But if his loyalties trip her up, we can just remind her that these Tigers still have four-and-a-half months of Iron Bowl bragging rights.

War Eagle, and good luck Joey!