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A “War Eagle” Valentine

Valentine’s Day.

Some people chalk it up to just another holiday where the stores can gouge the consumer, while others dub it their “favorite holiday,” counting down the days until they can receive chocolate boxes and sweet notes from friends, family and significant others.

Many rumors swirl around about how Valentine’s Day actually got started. It is said that the holiday began in honor of Saint Valentine (an early Christian martyr). Although the holiday progressed in different ways throughout the world, it is presently a day of “huge-Valentine-Teddy bear” proportions.

Whether you’re are a cynic or a romantic, Valentine’s Day is evident on Feb. 14. It can be seen through the pink and red paper hearts lining your co-worker’s cubicle to the grocery line with every other male in town to purchase the last red roses in stock.

Is there a Valentine’s memory that you hold from your time on the plains? A blind date that turned into the love of your life, or a romantic Valentine picnic on Samford Lawn? We would love to hear your “War Eagle Valentine’s” memories!