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Alex Kistler ’12: Life Driven By Relationships

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Alex Kistler '12

Alex Kistler ’12  values relationships and people, both in his personal life and job at Telegraph Creative, a small ad agency in Birmingham. Although a native of Florida, he moved to Auburn for his undergraduate studies and fell in love with the state.

“I would really point to Auburn when thinking about some of the best times [and] toughest times in learning life lessons,” he says. “I was put in positions to meet people who would challenge me and understand what the real world was, even before I was in it.”

Kistler received his degree in Communications and was introduced to working with digital media during his internship with the Auburn Magazine, inspiring him to pursue a career at a creative agency. He now works as a project manager, serving as the main point of contact between clients and his team. “I love hearing people’s stories and figuring out how we can aid them,” Kistler says.

He has worked with the Sloss Festival, Avondale Brewing Company, Saturday Down South, Kalu Yala, which has its own show on Viceland, and Shipt, just to name a few.

In charge of project scheduling and maintaining the initial budget and scope of work, this involves managing his team and developing strong relationships. “Understanding our employees individually is really important to me,” he says. “I want to be someone who can gain their trust. When you build those relationships, people start working together.”

No day on the job is the same, and that fast-paced changing environment is what Kistler thrives in. “There’s a lot of variety and I think that’s what I’ve fallen in love with,” he says.

It is Kistler’s kind spirit and ambition for both himself and his team that brings him success. “I am driven by acts of service; I enjoy working hard and knowing how much effort goes into something so that the client or individual will be overwhelmed with the end result,” he says.

He met his wife, Katie Kistler ’12, freshman year at a Halloween party and they dated throughout college. Three years after graduation he proposed to her at a place dear to both their hearts – Chewacla Park.

Alex Kistler '12

“Katie is my best friend,” he says, “there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. We work as a team and I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else. God has truly blessed me. Auburn helped mold me into the ‘Auburn Man’. It’s made me want to be successful in a career that I love, made me want to be a great husband to my wife, be a great friend, and be a great individual in our family. [Auburn is] still part of my life now in how I live.”

Alex Kistler '12