I graduated in 1991 and went on to Emerson College for my MA, graduating in 1992. I’ve spent my career working with communities and agencies helping to promote involvement and spirit.

I’ve had two major impactful events on my life: first, in 2005, I learned firsthand (unfortunately) how women across the world are losing their kids to their abusive husbands. No, you can’t just “leave” him. I became actively involved in helping women to protect themselves and their children, using my Auburn PR degree. I’ve done countless radio/television/newspaper interviews nationally on the subject. Second, in 2017 my 14-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer, and doctors removed a 4.5-pound “football” tumor, we named Cam Newton for her love of Auburn. Through that experience, I left my CEO post, and started my own event planning business so I could manage her care and paying the bills. She is in remission and living like a normal teen, and I remain my own boss, winning the “Best Of” Award in my industry 3 years in a row.