Ansley Pike Jones ’10

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Uncategorized

Doctor of Medical Dentistry —  Greensboro Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

Greensboro, Ga.


How has your line of work been affected by COVID-19?

 The field of dentistry has been greatly affected by COVID-19. From offices completely shutting down, having to lay off employees, hygienists and even dentists; to the new PPE, CDC protocols to practice, etc. this pandemic has definitely had a momentous impact on our field.

Can you describe the current situation in your workplace? 

The current situation in my workplace is very optimistic. We are taking every precaution to keep our patients and staff safe. We are just now starting back seeing hygiene patients and we are taking all precautions: including- wearing proper PPE (personal protective equipment) for COVID-19, checking temperatures, virtual waiting rooms, no patient to patient interaction with proper decontamination protocols, air sterilizers, etc. (the list goes on and on). I am therefore very thankful to work at a practice that cares not only about the health of our patients and staff, but also for the general public’s wellbeing.

 What have the last few weeks been like, in your own words?

Dr. Hillin  and myself did remain open with very limited hours and extreme safety precautions from CDC’s dental protocol during COVID-19 outbreak. We felt that if one of our patients was in pain and needed emergency care, by him or myself seeing them (either draining abscesses, extracting teeth, or being able to prescribe antibiotics) to keep them out of the hospital, was in their best interest. I am so very thankful to work at a practice that puts everyone into consideration and with precautions we were still able to help those that needed it most during this difficult time.

 How has your home or personal life been affected by the pandemic? 

Our personal life has definitely been affected by this pandemic, just like the rest of our nation. I am just blessed for health and pray that we all see an end to this pandemic very soon. 

How did Auburn prepare you for your current role? 

My times at Auburn, studying Biomedical Science, will never be taken for granted. Auburn prepared me with all the background and advanced classes that have since led me to become the professional I am today. Not only did I “start my profession” during my undergrad program, I also learned more about myself through friendships, clubs, extracurricular activities (just to name a few)… along with all the other amazing times and memories that Auburn had to offer, playing a pivotal role in the person I am today. War Eagle.

How do you stay positive during these difficult times? 

 I try to stay positive by knowing that this too shall pass. We are all faced with difficult times in our life whether it be illness, social anxiety, financial stress etc., but knowing that this is not forever gives me hope to keep pushing and stay positive while treating patients and taking it one day at a time.