Registration will close on July 31st, 2020!

APSEC 2020 is free and will feature talks and roundtable discussions on inclusion and diversity, virtual engagement and marketing as well as a special keynote speaker.

At the end of the conference, we’ll make a craft cocktail with Christa Cotton, CEO of El Guapo Bitters and enjoy music from Adam Hood.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
8:30 am – 12:15 pm
12:15 pm – 2:15 pm Executive Director Meeting

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
1 – 4 pm
4 – 5 pm Virtual Happy Hour
All times are Central Daylight Time

Christa Cotton

Christa Cotton
CEO of El Guapo Bitters

18:56 Virtual Series Facebook Live featuring Adam Hood

Adam Hood
Singer, Songwriter

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Aaron Blackwell, Alabama
Calvin Brown, Alabama
Emily Hall, Alabama
Kristy Hammond, Alabama
Cayla Hayes, Alabama
Jim Bob Horn, Alabama
Trinidad Miller, Alabama
Deborah Parr, Alabama
Anna Claire Toxey, Alabama
Kayla White, Alabama
David Wilson, Alabama
Liz Moore, Alabama (Capstone Engineering Society)
Shanedra Barnes, Arkansas
Jen Boyer, Arkansas
Melissa Brawner, Arkansas
Brandy Cox, Arkansas
Deb Euculano, Arkansas
Mercedes Gazaway, Arkansas
Brock Haegele, Arkansas
Mary Kate Harrison, Arkansas
Lee Shoultz, Arkansas
Julie Simpson, Arkansas
Emma Brannon, Auburn
Janet Bryant, Auburn
Kate Cole, Auburn
Todd Deery, Auburn
Rebecca Feldman, Auburn
Danielle Fields, Auburn
Sydney Fuller, Auburn
Rhonda Gibson, Auburn
Erin Hutchins, Auburn
Steve Inabinet, Auburn
Jessica King, Auburn
Kate Larkin, Auburn
Taylor Logan, Auburn
Lyn Long, Auburn
Eddie Orantes, Auburn
Lynn Pauley, Auburn
Heather Peevy, Auburn
Amy Pope, Auburn
Moira Pyle, Auburn
Morgan Rigsby, Auburn
Jennifer Stephens, Auburn
Amber Wendell, Auburn
Heather Ashley, Florida
Alexa Butler, Florida
Heather Duiser, Florida
Matt Hodge, Florida
Staci McDonough, Florida
Tara Meek, Florida
Carre Mitchell, Florida
Missy Poole, Florida
Frances Beusse, Georgia
Amanda Brown, Georgia
Olivia Browning, Georgia
Lauren Cook, Georgia
Diana Fontaine, Georgia
Hilary Hilgers, Georgia
Ally Howard, Georgia
Meredith Johnson, Georgia
Kate Lantz, Georgia
Nyaboke Machini, Georgia
Luke Massee, Georgia
Sarah Vincent Soneberg, Georgia
Realenn Watters, Georgia
Jack Gallt, Kentucky
Kathrine Hein, Kentucky
Kelly Hinkel, Kentucky
Albert Kalim, Kentucky
Hal Morris, Kentucky
Linda Perry, Kentucky
Katie Schaffer, Kentucky
Samantha Seitz, Kentucky
Hannah Simms, Kentucky
Jill Smith, Kentucky
Whitney Stamper, Kentucky
Meredith Weber, Kentucky
Tammy Abshire, Louisiana State
Brittany Ernest, Louisiana State
Emily Johnson, Louisiana State
Mignon Kastanos, Louisiana State
Gordon Monk, Louisiana State
Rachel Rhodes, Louisiana State
Taylor Bigham, Mississippi State
Jeff Davis, Mississippi State
Janet Downey, Mississippi State
Orly Hardin, Mississippi State
Jordan Ramsey, Mississippi State
Michael Richardson, Mississippi State
Brady Sistrunk, Mississippi State
Erica Way, Mississippi State
Stephanie Anderson, Mizzou
Ashley Burden, Mizzou
Traci Crowley, Mizzou
Michelle Custer, Mizzou
Scott Dahl, Mizzou
Julia Davis, Mizzou
Angie Floyd, Mizzou
Robyn Kollar, Mizzou
Charlie Koors, Mizzou
Morgan Kopitsky, Mizzou
Mollie Landers Buckler, Mizzou
Theresa Lichty, Mizzou
Jennifer Manning, Mizzou
Todd McCubbin, Mizzou
Jayson Meyer, Mizzou
Jonathan Mueller, Mizzou
Ryan Owens, Mizzou
Whitney Pierce, Mizzou
Christy Pourney, Mizzou
Cassie Reeser, Mizzou
James Saltat, Mizzou
Dale Smith, Mizzou
Kaleigh Summers, Mizzou
Connor Voss, Mizzou
Hannah Watts, Mizzou
Jessica Zabriskie, Mizzou
Sunny Brown, Ole Miss
Torie Marion, Ole Miss
Steve Mullen, Ole Miss
Kirk Purdom, Ole Miss
Annie Rhoades, Ole Miss
Anna Smith, Ole Miss
Scott Thompson, Ole Miss
Selena Chavis, South Carolina
Steve Curtright, South Carolina
Kevin Grindstaff, South Carolina
Katie Hambrick, South Carolina
Lyndsey Herring, South Carolina
Wes Hickman, South Carolina
Simone Keller, South Carolina
Elizabeth Muth, South Carolina
Haven Spanyer, South Carolina
Taylor Valley, South Carolina
Jennifer Dulling, Tennessee
Eric Haag, Tennessee
Toni Holford, Tennessee
Sam Jackson, Tennessee
Gina Martin, Tennessee
Mallorie Mendence, Tennessee
Phyllis Moore, Tennessee
Jordan Prewitt, Tennessee
Emily Reichard, Tennessee
Debbie Sharp, Tennessee
Taylor Thomas, Tennessee
Mary Vavalides, Tennessee
Duane Wiles, Tennessee
John Young, Tennessee
Lauren Emiliani, Texas A&M
Porter Garner, Texas A&M
Kelli Hutka, Texas A&M
Caitlin Falke, Texas A&M
Clay Jackson, Texas A&M
Benjamin Johnson, Texas A&M
Allie Longoria, Texas A&M
Kellie Malone, Texas A&M
Laura Miller, Texas A&M
James Palacios, Texas A&M
Joshua Reinbolt, Texas A&M
Holly Wuthrich, Texas A&M
Sarah Whitney Anderson, Vanderbilt
A.J. Carroll, Vanderbilt
Kate Graham, Vanderbilt
Caroline Johnston, Vanderbilt
Emily Korab, Vanderbilt
Raeanna Mowl, Vanderbilt
Lauren Obersteadt, Vanderbilt
Mary Pellett, Vanderbilt


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