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Aubie – the world traveler

Aubie is at it again – traveling across the globe to spread the Auburn spirit… or to just tag along for a spring break vacation – either way, he made it all the way to Sydney, Australia last week… with me, of course!

Aubie and Sydney Opera House

Aubie posing with Sydney Opera House

Thanks to my handy tote bag and me, Aubie got to see amazing sites in Sydney such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Aubie even got to visit his tiger cousins at the Taronga Zoo! Not only did he get to experience the sight of the famous Opera House, he also got to see an opera show inside – La Boheme!

Aubie and me at Sydney Opera House

Aubie and me at Sydney Opera House

I wish I had an inspiring “War Eagle” moment from a stranger in Sydney to share with you, but I think I can do you one better. I did get a “War Eagle” as I was boarding my plane to Sydney in LAX, and I was able to give one to two people that count – to two long lost Auburn friends. The two friends I got to go visit in Sydney graduated in May 2012 from Auburn.  Giving them a friendly “War Eagle,” a huge hug and an orange and blue shaker to hang up in their apartment were just the things they needed to cure their homesickness.

I have Auburn University to thank for this amazing experience abroad. My alma mater connected me with two friends to visit (and lodge for free!), offered me a buddy to travel with and fortuned me with alumni, my AU family, with whom to share my story.

More photos of our Australia adventure here.