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Kent McCorkle ’03: BareBaby Organics

Auburn Alum creates line of natural skin care products

Trying to be the perfect parent is hard, but Kent and Kim McCorkle are helping parents everywhere come pretty close with their new line of super-safe body products called BareBaby Organics.

Dr. Kent McCorkle ’03 started the hunt for healthy skin care products like shampoos, lotions and more for babies when his son Connor was born two years ago. McCorkle said his background in chemistry allowed him to see that although coined “healthy” or “organic,” a lot of the products on the shelves in stores actually weren’t that at all.

“The more I learned, the more I realized how many of them were really wolves in sheep’s clothing, cleverly marketed, but with toxic, irritating ingredients,” McCorkle said. “By the time we had our daughter, Chloe, one year ago, we had tried numerous products but still weren’t happy with what we found. The ingredients were either concerning, or they just didn’t work well. Finally, we decided to try to create something ourselves that was truly as safe, natural, and organic as possible.”

It took about one year to research ingredients, find a manufacturer, create samples, test it and design packaging, but after 27 formulations, 14 prototypes and six months of testing, the McCorkles developed their first BareBaby Organics product, the Premium Moisturizing Lotion. The Premium Moisturizing Lotion could be described as the ultimate of baby lotions as it contains no ingredients rated above a “1” on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database, meaning they are the absolute safest possible.

The McCorkles first product was so well received, they are currently working on their second one. Eventually, McCorkle said he would like to see BareBaby Organics birth an entire line of safe, natural, organic skin care products including shampoos, body washes, conditioners, sunscreens, bubble baths, and more.

Since launching their first product in April 2016, McCorkle said the best part is reading stories about how their lotion has helped other people.

“Both babies and adults are loving our lotion!  We’ve gotten so many stories in just the past few weeks alone from people sharing how our lotion helped heal their son’s cracked hands, soothe their daughter’s eczema, or relieve their own dry skin when nothing else would,” McCorkle said. “Reading the customer emails, social media comments, and Amazon reviews is so encouraging.  It’s amazing to know that something we created for our little ones is now helping not only babies, but toddlers, teens, moms, dads, and grandparents across the country!”

Check out the BareBaby Organics website for more details.

Interested in trying the lotion yourself? You can get it online at Amazon!