AUBURN, Ala. – The Auburn Alumni Association donated a vehicle to the Southeastern Raptor Center to help in transportation of the rehabilitated birds of prey. As a part of this partnership, the Auburn Alumni Association sent the vehicle to production and created a unique design in homage to the great work of the SRC. The Southeastern Raptor Center will thank the association during a birds of prey release on June 9, 2016 at 4:00 PM, CST.

SRC raptor volunteers will release up to five birds of prey — two Red Tailed Hawks, Two Barred Owls and one Mississippi Kite – depending on flight readiness. Members of the Auburn Alumni Association will be in attendance to thank them for the gift of a Ford Explorer to be used by the SRC Rehabilitation division to pick up and deliver injured birds of prey. The Board of Directors of the Auburn Alumni Association approved a donation to the SRC for this vehicle.

“The donation from the Auburn Alumni Association has allowed us to replace a 14-year-old passenger van that was only being driven locally,” said Dr. Jamie Bellah, director of the Southeastern Raptor Center. “The purchase of a new Ford Explorer will provide comfortable and safe transportation for our staff, volunteers and for the raptors being transported to the center and to releases. The generosity of the Alumni Association is appreciated greatly…. and for the Center, a War Eagle moment!”

About the SRC:
The mission of the Southeastern Raptor Center, a division of the Auburn University College of Education, is education, rehabilitation and conservation. The generosity of this van by the Auburn Alumni Association is not connected to a current effort for a vehicle for the Education division of the Southeastern Raptor Center.

About the Auburn Alumni Association:
The Auburn Alumni Association is a member-based nonprofit organization funded by membership contributions, individual donations and corporate sponsorships. The mission of the Auburn Alumni Association is to foster and strengthen the relationship between Auburn University and its alumni and friends; to preserve and promote the university’s traditions, purposes, growth and alumni; and to keep alive the spirit of affection and reverence for Auburn University.

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