In an effort to streamline the club card ordering process and to allow cards to be event personalized, the Office of Alumni Affairs – Club Management will utilize an online vendor (Mingo) for ordering cards. Below are details concerning the ordering process.

** The Auburn Alumni Association, covers the shipping and mailing of cards at the 3rd class rate. Cards should be requested from Mingo 6 weeks prior to the club’s event. If sufficient time is not provided for design and mailing, the Office of Alumni Affairs – Club Management has the right to refuse the order or allow the club to pay for the cards to be mailed 1st class. 

  1. To begin the order process, visit
  2. Complete the online form and provide the appropriate information.
  3. A proof will be created and Mingo will email the proof to the individual who initiated the order.
  4. The Office of Alumni Affairs – Club Management will be notified of the request, will provide Mingo with the mailing list and approve the order.
  5. The order will be processed and mailed from Mingo.

Important to Note:

  1. Mingo has been provided with every club’s logo so the card can be personalized.
  2. The requested fields can not be changed.
  3. All billing will come directly to the Office of Alumni Affairs.
  4. While the association allots a certain number of card mailings per club (depending on the club’s tier), a club can still order cards through Mingo. However, the club will be billed for reimbursement of printing and mailing the card.
  5. The Office of Alumni Affairs – Club Management will see a proof of your card. However, it will not be edited by our staff. It is the club’s responsibility to ensure the information is correct.
Mingo Instructions