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Carson Montgomery ’12: Animating His Way

Auburn grad Carson Montgomery makes his way from Nickelodeon to Disney

For Carson Montgomery ’12, working in animation is a dream come true. What started as a college internship at Nickelodeon eventually turned into a full-time production assistant job on Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. Now he works at Disney as a screen writer for an upcoming show called Country Club, which will air on Disney XD in 2018.

Carson sneaked in a tribute to 2013 Iron Bowl in an episode of Harvey Beaks. Scoreboard of Bark Ball game reads 34-28.

Carson sneaked in a tribute to the famous “Kick Six” in a sports themed episode of Harvey Beaks.

Montgomery has had a passion for animation ever since he can remember. You could say it started with those classic 90’s cartoons such as Ed, Edd n Eddy, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Spongebob Squarepants.

“It never wore off on me. I still watch cartoons,” Montgomery said. “The real world is boring, adults are boring. I’d rather watch a bunch of cartoons do stupid stuff.”

While Montgomery was at Nickelodeon, he wrote about a half-dozen episodes for the show Harvey Beaks. He even managed to sprinkle in subtle Auburn references while he was there, including an homage to the 34-28 Iron Bowl win.

The first episode Carson wrote for Harvey Beaks has already aired. Here’s a clip from the episode.

Additional to screen writing, Montgomery has also written a few comics, and has even gotten a few experiences with voice acting. One of his more recent debuts was in a Nickelodeon short called Meat Pie vs. the Dark Ages as the voice of Cledus.

Carson Montgomery with a few of the comics he wrote for Nickelodeon.

Carson Montgomery with a few of the comics he wrote for Nickelodeon.

One of his favorite parts of working in animation has been working under mentors such as C.H. Greenblatt and Scott Kreamer. “I love working in this industry and working this job. It’s so fun and weird and quirky working with a bunch of people who are as fun and weird as you are,” Montgomery said.

While studying at Auburn, Carson had the opportunity to work for WTVM, the Auburn Athletic Department, ESPNU, CBS, and Eagle Eye productions — all which have given him the experience he needed to get picked up at Nickelodeon and eventually Disney.

“Auburn is a very different and special place. There’s something about Auburn that turned me into a man… My years in Auburn taught me how to work hard. That is what is to be an Auburn Tiger and an Auburn man.”

Carson’s eventually hopes to have his own show. But until then, he’s embracing each exciting moment on Disney’s Country Club.

“I’ve put my faith in God every step of the way and He’s been guiding me. But if you had told 10-11 year-old me that I was going to work at Disney and Nickelodeon I would have been totally shocked and totally not shocked at the same time.”
“That has been the most exciting part of it… It’s just been unexpected. The whole thing.”
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