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Auburn graduate serves specialty Southern cuisine

Rob McDaniel is the executive chef for the SpringHouse at Lake Martin in Alexander City, Ala. McDaniel ’02 boasts only the best ingredients used in the dishes he prepares.

He got his start cooking only a short time before he graduated with his degree in hotel and restaurant management. If you were an Amsterdam Cafe regular a decade ago while McDaniel was a student, then chances are you tasted one of the delicious dishes he prepared. (Who knew college students could cook anything besides Ramen?)

If you are a fan of the Food Network’s cooking show “Iron Chef America,” then you may recognize the Auburn grad turned TV star. McDaniel assisted friend and former employer Chris Hastings as part of the team from Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, Ala. He was on the three-person team that went head to head against legendary chef Bobby Flay and won. (No surprise there. We all know Auburn only produces winners!)

McDaniel specializes in seasonal, fresh and simple Southern cuisine. He says the freshest food is grown locally and in season.

McDaniel shares this philosophy with another Auburn alumnus James Farmer ’04, who can be seen on the cover of the most recent Auburn Magazine. Farmer embraces the Southern way of life, the beauty and tradition so unique to this historic region.

Check out the feature we wrote about McDaniel on page 58 of the fall 2011 issue of the Auburn Magazine, and read about how the chef helped raise money for tornado relief in June of 2011.

The newest issue of the Auburn Magazine is out now!

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