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Auburn is more than just Fall and Football

During the fall months, Auburn alumni and fans pour in from all over the state (and country) to see the Tigers play in Jordan-Hare Stadium. Football season is full of festivities, from tailgating to Tiger Walk, Auburn fall is everyone’s favorite time of year… right?

Many people haven’t experienced an Auburn spring since their last semester senior year. Long forgotten are the blue skies, crisp air and flowers blooming on Samford Lawn. Why don’t you make a resolution to make it back to Auburn this spring? There are a few reasons (or excuses) you can find to make a trip back to the Loveliest Village on the Plains.

Although football season is an exciting time to visit the plains, spring offers a wealth of activities for every different age group.

If your a sports fanatic, come and watch the Auburn Basketball teams play in the brand-new arena. The men boast a winning record, only losing one game at home, while the women are 10-10. Schedules for the teams can be found at the Auburn Athletics website.

If basketball isn’t your pace, there is also baseball and softball starting in February. Say what you want, but there are few things that beat sitting in Plainsman Park on a nice afternoon with a hot dog or a bag of sunflower seeds, cheering on the Auburn Tigers. Schedules for those teams can be found on the Auburn Athletics website also.

If you are really dedicated, and would rather participate in the sports than watch them, the 2012 Amphibious Warrior Mud Run might be right up your alley. The event, which is sponsored by Auburn Marines, allows participants to get dirty as they run (or crawl, or slide) through a four-mile course complete with creeks, hills, and, of course, MUD PITS. All of the money raised in the event is donated to the Wounded Warrior Foundation and the Semper Fi Society. The Mud Run takes place on April 7, and you can register for that event on their website.

There can’t be many reasons why someone wouldn’t want to run around in the mud, benefiting the men and women who protect this country.

Maybe you don’t enjoy sports as much as the next guy. Auburn offers some other great activities around town as well.


Come out to Auburn’s CityFest for a full day of arts and crafts at this free festival! CityFest is an annual event that features live music, activities for children, fine art and food! Scheduled for April 28, it is sure to be fun time.

Bring the kids, prepared for a day packed full of activities: may it be letting them work on a craft as you explore the fine art on display or enjoying food from the variety of vendors that will be present.

So take back all of your misconceptions that Auburn can only be enjoyable in the fall. Come back to the plains for a little spring fun. Aren’t you always looking for reasons to come back to your Alma Mater? Now you have plenty!