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Fiji landscape - Vorovora Header

The Mark of Vorovoro

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HAILEY CONQUEST’S IS JUST ABOVE THE CROOK OF HER ARM. It’s from a gospel song that the Fijian national rugby team sings before each match: “Eda Sa Qaqa”—we have overcome.…
War Eagle Has Landed Header feature story

The War Eagle Has Landed

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For more than 50 years, Auburn grads have helped turn America’s wanderlust for space travel into a reality. With a new mission to return to the moon and explore Mars,…

Other Stories

From Auburn Magazine: Improved Shell Life

Improved Shell Life

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Oyster expert Bill Walton builds a better bivalve mollusk Oysters are more than just food. These culinary luxuries enjoyed from Houston to Hong Kong are an important cash crop for…

Christa Cotton – Cocktail Recipes by El Guapo

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Just in time for summer, these cocktail recipes from El Guapo Bitters, Tonics & Syrups are here to beat the heat. El Guapo is the subject of "Shaking Things Up," a…

How AU Prepares for Success

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We sat down with Mike McCay, director of The University Career Center at Auburn University and Addye Bucknell-Burnell, associate director, Career Development, to get their insight on landing the perfect…
Auburn Scientist Resond to COVID-19

Auburn Scientists Respond to COVID-19

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WHEN SARS-COV-2, THE NOVEL CORONAVIRUS causing COVID-19, emerged in China and spread around the world, scientists and researchers had a rapidly shrinking window to find a solution. Despite the pandemic…