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Auburn scientists in Antarctica

Temperatures have dropped over the past couple of days as a cold front swept across this state, but as you sit in front of your crackling fires and comfortably thaw out, a team of scientists from Auburn University’s College of Sciences and Mathematics will continue their work on a continent that averages temperatures 20 below zero.

On Jan. 1, the scientists traveled to one of the world’s most secluded and mysterious places in the world, Antarctica. But why would anybody want to go to Antarctica? (Some may ask the same question about Tuscaloosa.) The team is doing intensive research exploring worms, urchins and other marine organisms that surround the continent.

The team will take samples of species from a depth of anywhere from 400 to 1000 meters, and then they will document its findings, send it back to Auburn and challenge the theory that many of the Antarctic species are found all the way around the continent.

To find out more about the group you can read the article written in this month’s Auburn Magazine. Also, the group regularly updates a blog, you can follow the excursion on Twitter and they have various videos that you can check out online!
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