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Auburn’s War Eagle VI recovering from cataract surgery

Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine performed a surgery to remove a cataract from the right eye of War Eagle VI this past December. The 33-year-old famed golden eagle also known as “Tiger” has since been on the road to recovery.


Cataract surgery is not something that is common for these birds of prey, especially one who has surpassed the average age for her species.

In the weeks following the surgery, Tiger has improved greatly and appears to have regained vision on her right side.

The Raptor Center hopes to soon have Tiger back in front of audiences for one of the many shows about birds of prey and wildlife conservation that they put on each year.

She made her last pregame flight in 2006, but ever since she came to Auburn 20 years prior, she has been a favorite amongst the Auburn faithful.

We all wish Tiger a speedy recovery.

War Eagle!