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Bork, bork, bork


Marissa Mayer and I have something in common. Marissa is the vice president of search products and user experience at Google and I am, well, not. However, Marissa and I both adore Jim Henson’s Muppet character the Swedish Chef.

In fact, Marissa is known as such a Swedish Chef fan that, when overseeing the design of the Google language preference tool (the menu where you can set your Google preferences to your preferred language), Marissa’s engineers added the Swedish Chef’s peculiar language to the list of translation choices. Yup, I am serious. Well, as serious as a person can be when talking about the Muppets, I mean.

Take a look for yourself. Go to and choose Language Tools (to the right of the search bar). Scroll down and there it is. Right between “Bihara” and “Bosnian” you will find the completely fictitious language of my beloved Swedish Chef, called “Bork, bork, bork!”

And, yes, the translation actually works. Priceless.

So, I send out this cyber thank you to Marissa, my counterpart in comedy.  It is refreshing to know that even in the big, professional, business world humor is a universal language.

Enjoy the Muppets clip below and, to my Auburn friends and family, I say “Orrrr Eeeegle!”