Auburn Alumni Association Brand

From the Executive Director


Branding is the foundation to establishing our identity with the alumni of Auburn University. By consistently and professionally using our interlocking AU brand and the name of the Auburn Alumni Association, we help members of the Auburn family immediately know and trust the programs, messages and products to which it is attached.

The keys to successful branding are “consistency” and “professionalism.” We want all of our communications to be associated with those characteristics, and an important part of that is always keeping those words in mind as we use our Auburn Alumni Association mark and plan the materials that go with it.

We are ambassadors from Auburn University to its graduates, and we should always remember that beyond our iconic brand is the Auburn family that makes it so strong. By using the guidelines on this page, you will help the Auburn Alumni Association communicate and engage—consistently and professionally—with our constituents both on and off campus and within our own organization.


A Reminder



The Auburn Alumni Association is dedicated to enhancing the engagement and connection of all Auburn University alumni and friends.


To advance Auburn University by engaging our global community and cultivating their passion for and loyalty to the university.



Increase connectivity between alumni and the university


Increase meaningful alumni engagement


Reach all Auburn alumni family and friends


Establish mutually beneficial partnerships with alumni stakeholders


Ensure the Association remains fiscally sound and well poised for the future


What is a brand?

A brand is the sum of the perception of everything that the organization does, from the logo to the quality of its programs and communications.

What is brand architecture?

Brand architecture refers to how branding within an organization works together to present a clear, consistent and professional message

How does the Auburn Alumni Association brand work in conjunction with the rest of Auburn University?

The association does this in two ways. First, our brand complements the exiting branding guidelines for Auburn University, which can be found at Second, the association co-brands by using the interlocking AU logo, or design, in conjunction with the designs of other university entities—all under the umbrella of the university branding guidelines.

What is the goal of having a set of branding guidelines?

To ensure Auburn Alumni Association communications are instantly recognized and infallibly associated with quality, professionalism and value by constituents and partners both inside and outside Auburn University.

The Brand

Logos, Clubs, Colors, Editorial Style, Type, Photography & Video Style and This, Not That


The Auburn Alumni Association logo is co-branded with Auburn University by using the interlocking AU. Therefore, all Auburn Alumni Association logos must include the interlocking AU with approved logo type, or the interlocking AU design must be included with other approved event and social branding. The design has five color variations to be used as shown below. Instructions for club logos can be found in the next section.

Download the Logo Package” url=”

*for product use only & to be approved by Auburn Alumni Association Director of Marketing

Club Logos

All chartered clubs and affiliates are required to use the interlocking AU and text (such as the example provided) on all social media, promotional items, websites, etc. If another design is desired it must be approved by Auburn University’s Trademark and Licensing office and must always be used with the interlocking AU provided by the Auburn Alumni Association. See above for how to use the logo.

Request Your Club Logo Package” url=”


* CMYK, hex numbers and Pantones are all for vendor use. RGB numbers are used for web.


C/M/Y/K: 2/66/99/0

R/G/B: 86/72/34

HEX: #F68029



C/M/Y/K: 100/88/56/44

R/G/B: 29/33/54

HEX: #03244d


Red Orange

C/M/Y/K: 5/86/99/11

R/G/B: 886/72/34

HEX: #BA4822

PANTONE: 1655C (Audrey)

Warm Gray Light

C/M/Y/K: 29/27/32/0

R/G/B: 166/157/147


PANTONE: warm gray 4 (Audrey)

Warm Grey Medium

C/M/Y/K: 54/54/60/22

R/G/B: 98/87/79

HEX: #6e645a

PANTONE: warm gray 11 (Audrey)


C/M/Y/K: 63/11/7/0

R/G/B: 106/164/202

HEX: #304E6F

PANTONE: 7469C (Audrey)

Medium Teal

C/M/Y/K: 97/62/28/10

R/G/B: 48/78/111

HEX: #304E6F

PANTONE: 7469C (Audrey)


Interstate is used for headers and copy that needs to be read from afar such as billboards, transit ads, etc. Miller is used for body copy or more formal communications to the public. The association also uses Voltage sparingly as an accent.

Internal documents should use Calibri pt 11

Editorial Style

Auburn Alumni Association communications adhere to Associated Press Style, which governs such details as how dates, addresses and titles are used. If in doubt, check with the editors in the communications department, who supplement their own knowledge with a subscription to the AP Stylebook online.











Photography should always reflect the Auburn Spirit—warm, open, friendly and inviting. In order to achieve these results, here are a few things to remember:

• Have your subjects appear approachable by avoiding closed body language (such as arms crossed over the chest), having the subject looking at the camera, engaging with the photographer, leaving space around the subject to show some background rather than making the subject look closed-in, and having the subject wear regular work clothes.

• Photograph subjects in three locations or setups to allow for a lead photo and provide flexibility and greater choice. At least one setting should be actionoriented, with the subject working on or doing something in their field.

• Use off-camera lighting, typically using a 3:1 ratio to appear natural. Similar lighting should be used throughout a shoot unless intentionally changing for dramatic effect.

• After the shoot, use realistic retouching and colorcorrection on images.

Note: Photography should never contain conflicting brands.

This, Not That

Auburn Alumni Association, not AAA.

Employees work for Auburn University Office of Alumni Affairs, but represent the Auburn Alumni Association.

The association hosts the Auburn Hospitality Tailgate, not the Alumni Tent or the Alumni Tailgate.

The Auburn Alumni Association produces Auburn Magazine, not The Auburn Magazine.

Auburn University defines alumni as individuals who attend for at least one semester.

The student chapter of our Auburn Alumni Association is the Auburn Student Alumni Association, not Auburn University Student Alumni Association.

Its board is the Student Alumni Board, not the Student Alumni Association Board.

When communicating to constituents, use the formal title of the event or program, not the acronym or platform.

Lifetime Achievement Awards, not LAA.

Young Alumni Achievement Award, not YAA.

Auburn Alumni Directory app, not Evertrue.

Bodda Getta Social, not Social Toaster.

Life Member, not Lifetime Member.

How to Talk to Us

Social Media Channels

How We Respond


Keep the message positive


Non personal opinion – you are a representative of Auburn and should align with the university at all times.


Unfortunately times of crisis do happen. The association will align with the messaging of the president’s oœffice. You should look for this messaging and help reiterate our president’s message.


The association does not respond to individuals who post or respond to inappropriate behavior or vulgarity.

Everyone Belongs

“Engagement” and “inclusion” were the dominant words that came out as the Auburn Alumni Association Board of Directors engaged in a thorough self-study and extensive focus-group testing from 2014 – 2017. In December 2017, the association rolled out a four-tier membership plan that incorporates the annual and life memberships enjoyed by our members in the past with a new tier that awards association membership to all graduates of Auburn University. The fourth tier recognizes life members who continue to support the association financially.

Tier 1

“General Member”—All graduates of Auburn University.

Tier 2

“Annual Member”—Alumni and friends who contribute to the Auburn Alumni Association each year.

Tier 3

“Life Member”—Alumni and friends who have met the required contribution for Life Membership.

Tier 4

“Life Sustaining Member”—A Life Member who continues to contribute to the Auburn Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment after completing Life Membership contribution.