2020 Virtual Yearbook

BreAnna Gross ’20

College of Sciences and Mathematics

May 2020


What is your favorite Auburn experience?

 My favorite experience is a tie between the first time I saw Samford hall and my very first football game. Seeing the beautiful Samford hall every day on my walk to classes made me very grateful that I chose to call Auburn home. It also reminded me every day that I definitely made the right choice. My first football game was an adrenaline rush. To be able to physically feel the roar in Jordan-Hare Stadium as fans cheered for Auburn was honestly the best feeling! Also being able to see the Auburn Family come together during a football game. To see the rumbling in the stadium when the crowd belts “War Eagle” as the eagle flies over the stadium. This moment just encapsulates some of the reasons why I came to Auburn. In this single moment, you can see so much tradition in the stadium, from the eagle flying high to the several generations of Auburn families standing side by side. You see students standing by their grandparents with hands held high, swirling their shakers with matching smiles. At this moment I can see everything Auburn means to me.

What are your future plans?

I plan on pursuing my masters at Auburn and then applying to medical school!