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Brooke Fletcher ’14: Behind the Scenes at ESPNU

Brooke Fletcher, behind the scenes at ESPNU

Brooke Fletcher ’14 has been immersed in the culture of sports for as long as she can remember. With a dad who played 15 years of baseball in the major leagues, a brother who played Auburn Baseball and MILB, and a brother-in-law playing for the Braves, it was not long before she pursued the sports industry herself.

While studying Business Marketing, Brooke worked on Eagle Eye Productions and travelled to the 2013 BCS National Championship.

While studying Business Marketing, Brooke worked on Eagle Eye Productions and traveled to the 2013 BCS National Championship.

Fletcher is the associate director for ESPNU and SEC Network. She is responsible for talking with sites, preparing billboards, and setting up interviews with players or coaches. She eventually wants to be in front of the camera, but she is happy where she is now learning the production side of broadcasting.

She even gets to share her job with other Auburn grads. “Auburn is representing well at ESPN, so that’s always good,” Brooke laughed.

“Football is a way of life down here in the south. Being able to be a part of Auburn and carry that into my career, I still feel like I’m connected to the Auburn family in a way. Me and a few other people that went to Auburn get to represent Auburn at work and be proud alumni and still enjoy that Auburn family feel.”

Fletcher was also a participant in the 2015 Miss USA pageant, representing as Miss Georgia USA. As someone who grew up watching Miss USA, she was excited to have the opportunity to pursue her dream to be on stage and compete. “Because of all the connections, the amount of people I met through it, and the friendships I made, it made it so much more special and better than anything I could have asked for,” Fletcher said.

But success doesn’t come without hard, hard work. Brooke has a message for college students.

“It’s all about getting your name out there, marketing yourself, and meeting as many people as you can,” Brooke explained. “But I don’t want to give people the wrong idea that hard work doesn’t pay off because it does. On those Friday nights when I wanted to go out, I would stay in and work on my demo reel for Eagle Eye because I knew what I wanted to do. It pays off.”

“It’s okay to adventure out and search for what you’re passionate about and what you really want to do because this is your life.”

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