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Bylaws Changes

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Greetings Auburn Alumni Association Members,

The Board of Directors of the Auburn Alumni Association has proposed an amendment to the Association Bylaws to be voted on by the association at the annual meeting to be held on homecoming Saturday, September 16 at 9:00 a.m. at the Auburn Alumni Center.

The proposed changes expand and change the classes of membership of the association and expands the current classification of a member into that of either a General Member or a Contributing Member.

Under the proposal, all graduates of Auburn University and its predecessors would become General Members of the association without a membership contribution requirement. General Members would not be voting members of the association. The current definition of a Member would be changed to that of a Contributing Member and shall include (a) all graduates of Auburn University and its predecessors who have paid their life membership contributions or who are current in payment of their annual contributions to the association, and (b) all past registered students of Auburn University and its predecessors who have remained a student at Auburn University as long as one quarter or semester and who are current with their membership contributions to the Association. Each Contributing Member shall be entitled to one vote on all matters brought properly before the members of the association.

The definition of an Associate Member is reworded to be consistent with the other changes, but otherwise is not substantially changed. The definition of an Honorary Life Members remains unchanged.

As voting members, Contributing Members are necessary to constitute a quorum at the annual meeting. Also, at-large nominations to the Board of Directors may only be made by the voting Contributing Members.

Members of the Auburn Clubs would, under the proposed changes, be required to be members of the association. The core officers would be required to be either a Contributing Member or an Associate Member of the association.

It is the vision of the Auburn Alumni Association to advance Auburn University by engaging our global community and cultivating their passion for and loyalty to the university. Through this proposed change to our bylaws, the association will be able to meet our mission of enhancing the engagement and connection of all Auburn University alumni and friends.

War Eagle,

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Beau Byrd
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