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Calling Agent Carter

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Calling Agent Carter; Alumni Snapshot

If you were at Auburn during the late ’90s, you might remember Wynn Everett ’00 playing the accordion during her campaign for Miss Homecoming. If not, you might recognize her in a more devious light.

Everett, who studied communication and minored in theater, starred earlier this year in the Marvel television show “Agent Carter” as Whitney Frost, the major villain of the show’s second season.

“The entire experience was incredible. I’d played villains before in little guest spots, but I’d never played anything like a Marvel villain until ‘Agent Carter,’” Everett said.

“Agent Carter” takes place in the post-World War II 1940s and defies the era’s social climate with powerful females like leads Agent Peggy Carter and “villain” Whitey Frost.

In an attempt to gain autonomy in a world that always seemed to beat her down, Frost encounters a mysterious substance, zero matter. During an accident, zero matter seeps into her body and gives her monstrous power.

“With the creators and the writers, it was an amazing parallel of a substance that can take over, like the zero matter, that allowed them to feel powerful while it’s actually destroying them,” Everett said.

With the show over, Everett says she has enjoyed investing time in her family, especially enjoying the weather in Los Angeles.

“We spend 365 days a year outside,” Everett said. “We love to go on walks and play in the backyard.”

Along with the Southern California weather, the family loves the many genuine friendships they’ve found there, but Everett still calls the South home.

“Ultimately, my husband and I have a goal to move back to the South,” Everett said. “There’s a pace about the South that’s very different, that we miss. You don’t realize how special it is until you’re gone for a very long time.”

No matter where she is, though, Everett always encourages others to follow their passions and pursue their dreams, just as she has done.

“If you can really suck up as much knowledge, remain curious, travel as much as you can and follow those things that really light a fire within you, life feels very fulfilling and rich.” 

—Sarah Russell