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Camp War Eagle


Does it matter when I take World History?

How do I get tickets to a baseball game?

And, the library closes … when?

All of these questions and more are being answered right now at Camp War Eagle, Auburn’s summer orientation program for incoming freshmen. The third of 10 sessions starts today, with an estimated 380 students and their parents flocking to the Plains for each session. Students are separated into groups of 10-12, each led by a Camp War Eagle counselor. At the two-day session, the students will receive a campus tour, register for fall classes, participate in a pep rally in the stadium and visit breakout sessions on things to get involved with on campus. They will listen to talks and skits on study habits, finagling with roommates who refuse to clean and dealing with awkward situations. No stone is left unturned.

These incoming freshmen will lean heavily on their Camp War Eagle counselors, not only during these two days but into the school year as well. Essentially, the counselors become personal Foy information lines for the students they guide into life at Auburn. The 35 counselors are all Auburn students, typically entering their junior or senior years, who have gone through a rigorous interview and training process on all things Auburn. Ask the counselors to recite the Auburn Creed. They’ll know it by heart. Ask them to tell you about the late dean of students Jim Foy; they’ll give you a touching glimpse of his legacy. Ask them when the library closes, and they might just know from experience that, from Sunday to Friday, the lights in the Ralph Brown Draughon Library never go off.

Naturally, counselors will teach the class of 2015 how to greet each other and Auburn fans around the world with a hearty “War Eagle”!