Auburn Women

Carol Porter ’84

Carol Porter '84

My grandfather, J.K. Montgomery, had a deep love of Auburn University without ever having set foot on the campus. He was a hardscrabble farmer who never attended college but had a life-long love of learning. He managed to send all three of his children to college — the last one, my uncle Ron, to Auburn. J.K. felt a connection to AU because of the Marshall County Auburn Extension Agent. J.K. always said his farm was more productive due to the techniques taught by the Auburn Extension Office.

I finished my B.S.E.E. in the Spring of 1989. It was a proud day for J.K., eclipsed only by the Auburn victory over Alabama at Jordan Hare in the Fall. Tomorrow, I move my daughter Kate to Auburn to enter the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. I wish J.K. were here to tell her “War Eagle.”