Auburn Women

Carra Summers ’85

Carra Summers '85

I’ll never forget my senior year at Auburn as a student in the Rehabilitation and Special Education department.

I served on the President’s Council for Disabilities Awareness. I was involved in the first assessment of the physical facilities on campus for compliance with newly passed regulations that required accessible restrooms, parking spaces, and building and classroom door openings.

Our group traveled all over campus with tape measures measuring and recording dimensions of doorways and restroom stalls and counting parking spaces.

Most memorable was Disabilities Awareness Week which was recognized across campus. I remember various campus “celebrities” simulating blindness, deafness, or other disabilities and competing in a relay.

Most specifically, I remember Bo Jackson, whose mother was a special education teacher and he the recipient of speech therapy services, participating in the relay on a child-sized tricycle to simulate a physical disability in the race.

War Eagle to all those with disabilities who have attended AU and those who have been touched by my classmates who began their careers in these “helping” fields. Great memories!