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Support student scholarships by getting an Auburn license plate.
With a new design, it turns any car into a sports car.

Send your information to the alumni association and receive credit toward giving to Auburn University.

Why Renew?

  • Proceeds from the sale of Auburn University license plates in Alabama help fund scholarships.
  • You get to customize your tag’s message to fit your personality!
  • More than $38 million has been raised for scholarships since the program’s inception.

Make Your Purchase Count!

  • Let Auburn count you as a loyal donor by asking the DMV how to connect your tag purchase back to the university.
  • Already purchased your tag? Call (334) 844-1174 or email and tell us!
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Get Your AU Florida Vanity Plate

Show your Auburn spirit by signing up for a presale voucher for the new state of Florida Auburn vanity plate.

To get the vanity plates made, we need just 414 more presale vouchers sold to make the Florida Auburn vanity plate a reality!

Getting one is easy and you don’t have to wait until your registration renewal month to buy one.

The sooner we get to 3,000 plates purchased, the sooner you’ll get your plate.


3 ways to purchase a voucher


In person at a tax collector office or license plate agency

Through the mail with the tax collector’s office

Through the *tax collector’s website

*Escambia County has agreed to accept online voucher orders from all Florida counties


Help Auburn University Count You As A Loyal Supporter

 Did you purchase your new Auburn tag this year?

If you did but didn’t tell the DMV that they could release your name to Auburn, we need to hear from you.  Fill out this short form to let us know you bought your new Auburn tag and be counted as a loyal supporter!



How can I purchase a new Auburn License plate?

New Auburn license plates can be purchased at your local DMV, tag or satellite office.

How much does it cost to purchase the new Auburn license plate?

The tag is $55 for first-time purchasers, plus the regular state vehicle fee of $24.25 from local tag offices throughout the state. Tag renewals for subsequent years of the same design and characters will be $50 in addition to the normal tag cost.

Can I update my license plate even if my tag has not expired?

Yes, Auburn license plates may be purchased at any time, regardless of the individual’s tag renewal month. You may pay slightly more for renewing outside of your renewal month.

Will I have to pay to personalize my Auburn tag?

No, the Auburn tag features six characters and personalization is free!

Why did the Auburn tag design change?

The state requires the collegiate license plate designs to be changed every five years. The new design features the interlocking AU logo on the left side of the tag, orange and blue stripes across the bottom with “Auburn” in orange and “Alabama” at the top.

In what states are Auburn tags available?

Auburn tags are available in Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Where will my money go if I purchase an Auburn license plate?

Proceeds from the sale of Auburn University license plates in Alabama go to the Auburn University “License to Learn” Scholarship Endowment Fund, a statewide program that raises funds for freshman scholarships. Tag sales from North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas also benefit scholarships.

How can I connect my license plate purchase back to the university?

When purchasing your Auburn tag, ask your local DMV how to connect your tag purchase back to the university.

Do I have to be affiliated with Auburn University to purchase an Auburn tag?

No, all fans and friends of Auburn can purchase an Auburn tag for their vehicle.

Who should I contact for more information on Auburn’s car tag program?

For more information on Auburn’s car tag program, call the Auburn Alumni Association office at (334) 844-2960.