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Support student scholarships by getting an Auburn license plate.
With a new design for 2020, it turns any car into a sports car.

Why Renew?

  • Proceeds from the sale of Auburn University license plates in Alabama help fund scholarships.
  • You get to customize your tag’s message to fit your personality!
  • More than $36 million has been raised for scholarships since the program’s inception.

Make Your Purchase Count!

  • Let Auburn count you as a loyal donor by asking the DMV how to connect your tag purchase back to the university.
  • Already purchased your 2021 tag? Call 334-844-ALUM (2586) or email and tell us!

Use the dropdown menu below to find your state and reserve your Auburn license plate today.

Alabama Auburn Car Tag


The Auburn tag features six characters, giving fans many options for personalization and is available for cars and motorcycles. The tag is $55 (for first-time purchasers) plus the regular state vehicle fee of $24.25 from local tag offices throughout the state. Tag renewals for subsequent years of the same design and characters will be $50 in addition to the normal tag cost. There’s no extra cost to personalize your tag, so go on, be creative in six characters (letters and/or numbers) or less. Reserve a personalized tag onlineFind the Motor Vehicle and Tag Official in your county.

Georgia Car Tag


Show your Auburn Spirit on the road with the newly designed Auburn license plate in the state of Georgia. The “Auburn Club” license plate can be ordered at your county tax commissioner’s tag office. When renewing online, it is also available in the full tag list under the “Special Interest” plates. This tag can be ordered at any county tag office in the state. However these plates are being issued “on demand.” This means that when you order the tag and pay your fees, you will be issued a temporary plate. Your new Auburn specialty plate will be sent to your home within an expected 7 business days. You can order the tag before your renewal date; you will still have to pay other fees (ad valorem, etc.) at the time of your actual renewal period. The state-issued “TZ” designation that is on the old plates will not be on the new tags. The new digitally printed tags feature three random letters and three random numbers on every plate. Unfortunately, personal vanity plates are not possible, as the state of Georgia does not allow vanity plates (personal letter/number combinations) for this tag.

Maryland Auburn Car Tag


Auburn fans living in Maryland can now sport the new Auburn tag on their vehicles. The tag design includes the interlocking AU logo, Auburn University, and the letters WE, representing “War Eagle.” To obtain an Auburn tag, you must first request an application by emailing your name and mailing address to An Auburn representative will mail you the application (the applications are not available through the Maryland Vehicle Administration). Once you receive the application, take it to the MVA to get the tag which will cost $25. You will not be able to obtain an Auburn tag if you do not have the application when you visit the MVA.

Mississippi Auburn Car Tag


Auburn tags are available in Mississippi, thanks to the efforts of the Central MS Auburn Club. Visit the state’s Department of Revenue site to view available tags.

North Carolina Auburn Car Tag


Auburn tags are now available in North Carolina, thanks to the hard work of the Auburn Charlotte Club. A portion of the proceeds from future Auburn tag sales (after the initial 300) will benefit scholarships for Auburn students from North Carolina. You can create your own personalized plate. For more information, contact the club via email at or visit them on Facebook (Charlotte Auburn Club).

South Carolina Auburn License Plate


Thanks to the Palmetto Auburn Club (Upstate of South Carolina) for working so hard to create the new SC Auburn University tag, available from the SC DMV! Up to 94% of the fees collected from the sale of each tag will go to the South Carolina License to Learn Scholarship Endowment Fund, which provides freshman scholarships to students from South Carolina. Visit the club’s website for details on how to order your tag or visit the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles website to purchase the plate online.

Tennessee Auburn License Plate


Auburn tags are available to Tennessee residents who are registering motor vehicles or motor homes. $35 of the annual fee collected supports the Tennessee Arts Commission (80%) and the Highway Fund (20%). For more information about purchasing your Auburn tag, visit the Tennessee DMV website and click on Personalized Plates. Search “Auburn,” then personalize your tag to order!

Texas Auburn Car Tag


All you Lone Star state residents can now proudly boast the best lookin’ tag in the state of Texas, the new Auburn tag. The tag features the interlocking AU logo, an orange and blue border, Auburn University and War Eagle! A portion of the sale’s proceeds will be used to award Auburn scholarships to Texas students. So, not only will you be sporting a great tag on your vehicles, you’ll be helping to welcome new students to the Auburn Family. Visit to order yours.

Virginia Auburn Car Tag


Visit the Virginia DMV website for more information about purchasing your Auburn tag! Personalization is available with the option of 6 character combinations on each plate.


How can I purchase a new Auburn license plate?

New Auburn license plates can be purchased at your local DMV, tag or satellite office.

How much does it cost to purchase the new Auburn license plate?

The tag is $55 for first-time purchasers, plus the regular state vehicle fee of $24.25 from local tag offices throughout the state. Tag renewals for subsequent years of the same design and characters will be $50 in addition to the normal tag cost.

Can I update my license plate even if my tag has not expired?

Yes, Auburn license plates may be purchased at any time, regardless of the individual’s tag renewal month. You may pay slightly more for renewing outside of your renewal month.

Will I have to pay to personalize my Auburn tag?

No, the Auburn tag features six characters and personalization is free!

Why did the Auburn tag design change?

The state requires the collegiate license plate designs to be changed every five years. The new design features the interlocking AU logo on the left side of the tag, orange and blue stripes across the bottom with “Auburn” in orange and “Alabama” at the top.

In what states are Auburn tags available?

Auburn tags are available in Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Where will my money go if I purchase an Auburn license plate?

Proceeds from the sale of Auburn University license plates in Alabama go to the Auburn University “License to Learn” Scholarship Endowment Fund, a statewide program that raises funds for freshman scholarships. Tag sales from North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas also benefit scholarships.

How can I connect my license plate purchase back to the university?

When purchasing your Auburn tag, ask your local DMV how to connect your tag purchase back to the university.

Do I have to be affiliated with Auburn University to purchase an Auburn tag?

No, all fans and friends of Auburn can purchase an Auburn tag for their vehicle.

Who should I contact for more information on Auburn’s car tag program?

For more information on Auburn’s car tag program, call the Auburn Alumni Association office at (334) 844-2960.

Behind the Plate:  How the Auburn Car Tag Got Its New Design

Kaleigh and car tag - behind the design

Kaleigh Peltack, graphic designer for the Office of Alumni Affairs, created the design that was chosen for Alabama’s new Auburn license plate. A 2017 graduate from Auburn with a degree in graphic design, she attained a position with the Office of Alumni Affairs following her experience as a student worker during her junior year. Peltack discovered the opportunity to create a design for the new tag through her work with the Office of Alumni Affairs, where the car tag program will now be housed

Where did you get your inspiration for the new design?

We had a meeting in the Harbert Family Recruiting Center with Allen Greene, and he brought up the power strip that’s on the helmet and featured throughout Athletics. That stuck with me because it catches not only the athletics, but the academic side of Auburn with our colors, while also accenting the logo of Auburn.

How many other designs were sent in to be chosen for the car tag?

About 10 total designs were sent in. The Office of Alumni Affairs sent in two or three, while Auburn’s Office of Communications and Marketing and a few other areas sent in designs as well.

How was this design project unique from your regular projects?

This will be more widely seen around the country in other states, reaching a wider audience compared to other design projects.

How do you feel knowing your design work will be displayed on vehicles all around the country?

I am excited but nervous, because there’s always feedback, but I will take that feedback in stride.

What were some of the restrictions of designing a car tag?

Alabama had to be on the top of the tag within a certain space, with the heart representing the Heart of Dixie, orange and blue colors and the interlocking AU logo to be obviously recognizable as Auburn anywhere.

What is your involvement with the car tag program now that it is housed in the Office of Alumni Affairs?

I am continuing to design collateral including posters, web ads, webpage banners, social media content, postcards and any other print media, continuing the power strip throughout these materials as a nice clean element.

Have you purchased the new car tag displaying your design yet? If not, do you plan to?

I just recently paid for a new tag, but I definitely plan to purchase the newest one when it is my time to renew. My family plans to purchase them as well, which will be really cool. I have to decide what I want my tag to say!