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Cassie Carpenter ’17

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Cassie Carpenter '17

Cassie would never bring attention to herself, so I decided to submit for her. I am Cassie’s step-from, not to be confused with step-mom. I am married to Cassie’s Dad and I feel called to be her friend, not another Mom.

Cassie’s Dad earned his engineering degree from Auburn in 1989. She grew up attending Auburn football games and truly loved all things Auburn. Cassie worked extra hard in high school completing AP classes, therefore entering college as a sophomore.

After 3 years at Auburn she will be receiving her degree in early childhood education. Not to mention maintaining a rather high GPA. She will stay in Auburn another couple of years to further her education, pursuing a master’s degree.

She is a very intelligent and motivated young woman. We are all extremely proud of her and can’t wait to see what her future holds. Thanks to Auburn University, it will be bright and exciting! War Eagle!