Auburn Women

Charlotte “Gail” Shell Davis ’73

Gail Shell Davis '73

Clay Davis, Gail Davis (me), Donna Lee Davis Sullins at the alumni tent before a football game around 2000.

I was a student at Auburn from 1971 to 1973. I loved everything about Auburn. Two of my brothers had been students there and it had to be my college, too! My education was outstanding. I recall chasing fruit flies around the lab and I had an opportunity to go with a botany class to the Appalachians to study wild flowers.

I was one of the biggest of Auburn fans of football and baseball (no softball, yet). I actually spent an hour in a class that was not mine to get a close up look at Pat Sullivan. Years later, when I was president of the Pensacola Auburn Club, I had a chance to visit with him. Neat!  I swam in the pool where Auburn Olympians trained. No, I did not meet my husband there, but he quickly changed allegiance from that other school.

I owe my independence to Auburn University. I am handicapped and before attending Auburn, had never been away from home or family.  I made lifelong friends there and became an educator who eventually taught all grade levels and earned master’s, specialist and doctorate degrees. My daughter even graduated from Auburn in 2006. Thank you, Auburn!