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Chelsea Graff Vines ’14

Chelsea Graff '14

Since I could walk and talk, I was yelling War Eagle and cheering for Auburn in my little cheerleader outfits. You see, Auburn was a part of my family. My dad was a cheerleader for Auburn in Bo Jackson times, my aunt was the president of her sorority, and my uncle was on the football team.

I knew for a long time that I wanted to go to Auburn. Due to my dad’s job, we moved a lot throughout my childhood. From Florida to Alabama and California to Maryland. My family knew that I wanted to go to Auburn so badly and that the only way we could really afford it was if we lived in state, so my senior year of high school, we moved 1200 miles to Trussville, Ala.

I loved Auburn before I got there, but my freshman year took that love to a whole new level. It became real for me. The pride. The spirit. The family. The beauty of the campus and city as a whole. The teachers who seemed to actually loved what they did and possibly loved Auburn football more than me. (What? was that even possible??)

I miss Auburn all the time. My husband and I plan to move back one day. Even though he’s an Alabama fan, he can’t even deny how truly great a place like Auburn is. If you ever want to see the Auburn Family in all it’s glory, and really feel the Auburn Spirit, stop by our tailgate on game day. I promise, you’ll instantly be at home. 🙂 WAR EAGLE, HEY!

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