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Cindy Holland Torbert ’89

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1988 Cindy Holland first female SGA president

by Reagan Berg ’20

Cindy Holland Torbert ‘89 made history when she became Auburn’s first female SGA President. Before assuming her position, Torbert served on the cabinet and was a senator from the College of Liberal Arts. “I was heavily involved in the student referendum to change from the quarter to the semester role,” she said. “In that role, I saw what student initiatives could accomplish, and I was energized.”

As a Public Relations and Journalism major, she said, “It was my goal to open communication between students, faculty, and administration.”  Torbert was able to connect to her Auburn community by writing a column for The Plainsman, speaking on WEGL, attending Faculty-Senate meetings, and holding Student-Forum meetings.

Her favorite, and most embarrassing, memory from her time in office was when she overslept and missed a meeting with Auburn’s 14th President, Jim Martin. “I was mortified, and I went to Dr. Martin to apologize. I will never forget how he smiles, laughed, and made me understand that my error was nothing more than a small mistake [made] by a young college student,” Torbert said.

It is important to “meet people, exchange ideas, and work hard,” she said, and that is what she did during her time as president. “I thought my experience would allow me to do a good job for the SGA and Auburn.”

“As a society we all learn from each other’s successes and failures. Auburn women, like Auburn men, have shaped our current Auburn.  We are wise to celebrate and remember both the historical positive and negative, so that we can all better guide Auburn into the future,” Torbert said.

She now serves as a law clerk to the United States Magistrate Judge Terry F. Moorer. “I assist with managing and resolving the legal actions filed in the Middle District,” she said, specifically by researching the law and writing on legal issues.