Auburn Women

Cindy Shelton-Tennimon ’79

I was the first female member of my family to attend college. I chose Auburn because it represented all the values of higher learning that I hoped to achieve. The legacy of the science of agriculture, something my dad had hoped to be a part of but alas fell short. The idea that being an educated adult meant that I would achieve my folks dream of a better life. And even though I probably didn’t realize it at the time, I had set my eyes on a higher goal than just to bag a husband!

I can proudly say I was in the graduating class of BSW, Bachelors in Social Work that helped the University receive its accreditation in the young program. What a proud moment for me as a student and my professors and peers!

Finally, although this isn’t actually a University story it is a story that will forever tie me to the Plains. I was a lemonade jerk at Toomers! Yep, spent most of my Saturdays not at Shug Jordan Stadium, but behind a counter at Toomers. What a fantastic experience in real word work but oh my gosh how proud I am now to say I am an alumni of Toomers Drug Store as well! War Eagle.

Cindy Shelton-Tennimon '79