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Auburn Clubs and Auburn Alumni Affiliates are for all Auburn alumni and friends. The Auburn Alumni Association is dependent upon contributing members to provide the necessary financial support to help carry on the services and programs required for an effective Auburn Club Program. Members of a local Auburn Club or Affiliate do not have to be contributing members of the Auburn Alumni Association, however all club officers should be contributing members (Annual or Life Members) of the Auburn Alumni Association. Auburn Clubs or Affiliates are not allowed to charge membership dues for their group.

Most Outstanding Communication Trophy

 2019 Auburn Club Awards

Recognizing the club that best represents Auburn University and the Auburn Alumni Association in service to its community.

Most Outstanding Communication Trophy

Most Outstanding Club Event

West Georgia Auburn Club


West Georgia hosted a new program this year, called the Chattahoochee Split. This event was in partnership with the Georgia Bulldog Club in LaGrange, GA. The club leaders shared that the highlight of their event came when two footballs were auctioned to the highest bidders. One was an Auburn autographed ball, and the other was a Georgia autographed ball. What made the football special were the signatures- each ball had been signed by Vince Dooley and Pay Dye. The unique relationship these legends have with attending one school and coaching at the other made them a highly desired keepsake. Each ball sold at $3,000, which was an amazing amount of money for each club. This event engaged 300 Auburn & Georgia fans, and we applaud your club for your creative program and for fostering relationships within your community.

Most Outstanding Club Leader
Evan Thomas
Greater Nashville Auburn Club


Evan and his team have worked diligently over the past year to revitalize the Greater Nashville Auburn Club. From their website and communication efforts, to their programming, to the goals and benchmarks they are meeting as a team, Evan has done a fantastic job leading this group. They have engaged dozens of individuals through their efforts, and we look forward to continued growth in 2020. Evan was nominated by several clubs outside of the Nashville area, which speaks a great deal to the reach they have. Thank you, Evan for your service and dedication to the Auburn Family in Nashville.

Most Outstanding Athletic Support Event

Recognizing the club that hosted the most successful and engaging athletically focused event. Highlights include attendance numbers, contracts with local venues and scholarship funds raised.


First place – New York Auburn Club

New York Auburn Club sold hundreds of basketball tickets to the 2019 Legends Classic Tournament in Brooklyn, NY. A percentage of ticket sales was donated back into the New York Scholarship Endowment. Commemorative shirts were created for the event, and a pre-game happy hour was hosted for alumni and friends.

Second place – Mobile Auburn Club

With an attendance of over 800 people, Mobile Auburn Club supported the Auburn basketball game at South Alabama. In this group watching the basketball game, members from Greater Pensacola Auburn Club and Mississippi Gulf Coast Auburn Club also joined to celebrate Auburn’s win!

Third place – Chilton County Auburn Club

Chilton County Auburn Club organized and hosted their annual banquet to present an Auburn senior athlete with the Unsung Hero Award, which honors this athlete’s life, athletic career, and any trials they have had to overcome. This year Aubie was a special guest!

Most Outstanding Auburn Alumni in Action Project

Recognizing the club that best represents Auburn University and the Auburn Alumni Association in service to its community.


First place – West Georgia Auburn Club

West Georgia Auburn Club participated in a bed-building event to support the Sleep in Heavenly Peace Chapter in LaGrange, GA.
Participants worked together as members of the Auburn family to provide a place for children to rest.

Second place – Los Angeles Auburn Club

In an effort to support foster families who receive emergency placements, Los Angeles Auburn Club collected new pairs of comfy and cute pajamas to provide to a local resource closet in Los Angeles County.  Participants even joined together with Northern California Auburn Club to collect and shop for these clothes!

Third place – New York Auburn Club

Collaborating with their local game-watch venue, New York Auburn Club hosted a Toys for Tots drive in conjunction with one of their football game watch parties. With toys from that night and the generosity of their game-watch bar keeping the bin available for donations, this effort by New York Auburn Club was able to continue for several weeks!

Most Outstanding Communication

Recognizing the club that demonstrates an outstanding effort to communicate with its club members, their community and the Auburn Alumni Association.


First place – Greater Nashville Auburn Club

Greater Nashville Auburn Club has gone above and beyond with their communication efforts in 2019. Their club created a new website and continues to create informative and engaging content for their quickly growing Instagram account. They also created an effective social media campaign for Club Membership Challenge and engaged new members.

First place – Greater Houston Auburn Club

Greater Houston Auburn Club has engaged many people in a variety of platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Newsletters, and current updates of their club website. With a passion for growing their follower base, their club has made their presence increasingly known on social media!

First place – Greater Houston Auburn Club

Northern California Auburn Club has taken great strides to revamp their communication presence and style. With a remodeling of their club website, an implementation of a new email list to reach their members, streamlining of their social media, and intentional efforts to personally and efficiently communicate with their members at events this club has shown amazing organization and initiative!


Most Outstanding Inclusion and Diversity

Recognizing a club that demonstrates an outstanding effort to communicate and engage with alumni and friends of diverse backgrounds and fosters an environment of inclusion.


First place – Greater Houston Auburn Club

Greater Houston Auburn Club hosted Associate Provost and Vice President for Inclusion and Diversity, Dr. Taffye Benson Clayton, for several events. The club met with over 50 students at Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy and participated in a panel where they were able to share information about the PLUS Scholarship program. The club also hosted a networking brunch where Dr. Clayton shared information about diversity at Auburn.

Second place – Greater Athens Auburn Club

Greater Athens Auburn Club partnered with The Lord’s House Community Church of Norcross, GA to host an all-day event. With football, fun games, and an Auburn alumni tailgate this event strived to expose the youth in this church’s development program, Becoming a Man, to the Auburn experience!

Third place – Huntsville-Madison Auburn Club

Huntsville-Madison Auburn Club hosted its first annual Auburn Women’s Luncheon. The goal of this luncheon is to engage with Auburn women in their local community and to highlight the accomplishments of notable Auburn women from Madison County. The luncheon featured former astronaut and Auburn graduate, Jan Davis, as the keynote speaker!

Most Outstanding Service to Students

Recognizing the club that hosted or participated in the most successful and engaging event for current Auburn University students, incoming freshmen and their families, or potential students in its local area.


First place – New York Auburn Club

The New York Auburn Club hosted a Sunset Dinner Cruise & Freshman Sendoff in July. They took a cruise around the New York Harbor, which included the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge with over 100 attendees, including Aubie.

Second place – Greater Nashville Auburn Club

Greater Nashville Auburn Club hosted a Freshman Send Off dinner to honor these students and their families. With a catered dinner, club t-shirts available for purchase, Auburn’s Tennessee Admissions Representative as a guest speaker, and 143 attendees this night was full of celebration!

Third place – Charlotte Auburn Club

Charlotte Auburn Club hosted a Freshman Send Off dinner in conjunction with their Annual Meeting and had Aubie as a special guest! Held in Uptown Charlotte and overlooking the NASCAR corporate office and Hall of Fame, this night was truly special for all attendees.

Most Outstanding Young Alumni Program

Recognizing the efforts of a club to engage, involve, cultivate and plan events for young alumni in its local area.


First place – Los Angeles Auburn Club

Los Angeles hosted several programs for the young alumni in their club area in 2019. A few highlights are their Beach Day, AU basketball game and a Dodgers baseball game. They also engaged their young alumni with unique merchandise such as totes and hats.

Second place – Greater Pensacola Auburn Club

Greater Pensacola Auburn Club hosted a Summer Happy Hour series with fun themes — Final Four Celebration, Trivia Night, and Football Kick-Off. This series engaged people in the community and provided a lot of fun and bonding within the Greater Pensacola Auburn Club!

Third place – Greater Nashville Auburn Club

Greater Nashville Auburn Club brought Hey Day to Nashville in efforts to engage their young alumni and host a fun social event! The attendees wore nametags and were able to get to know each other in the spirit of Hey Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Auburn Club?

An Auburn Club is comprised of Auburn alumni and friends whose bond is Auburn University. The goal of every club is to foster the Auburn spirit by engaging members of the Auburn family in their respective communities, supporting current and future students through the funding of scholarships, and promoting the objectives of the Auburn Alumni Association. There is a more formal process as to what is expected and provided to our Auburn Clubs, and it usually takes about a year for a group to officially charter as a club. Auburn Clubs are geographic based and are formed in service areas that have over 250 alumni and friends.

What is an Auburn Alumni Affiliate and how is it different from an Auburn Club?

An Auburn Alumni Affiliate has the same goals of an Auburn Club, however there are a few key differences. They are a little less structured, allow for more flexibility, and can be interest, geographic and even professional based. We also encourage our geographic based groups to begin as an affiliate if they have less than 250 alumni in their area. We find our affiliate groups hosting different types, or less frequent programming as well.

How do I start an Auburn Club/Affiliate?

An Auburn Club can be located anywhere in the nation or world. Auburn Clubs are charged with hosting meetings and events, providing community service, raising scholarship funds and serving Auburn students. For a club to thrive and maintain a continuation of leadership, it is encouraged for there to be a minimum of 250 alumni in the counties within a 50-mile geographical radius. For those areas or groups who would like to foster meaningful engagement opportunities beyond the traditional geographic club structure, the Auburn Alumni Association offers the option of becoming an Auburn Alumni Affiliate. These affiliate groups offer a platform for alumni with similar interests and common bonds to connect and network. Affiliates primarily meet for social engagement and are not required to meet the guidelines of a chartered Auburn Club. To learn more about starting a club in your area please email

What is the Auburn Club Membership Commissions program?

Auburn Club Membership Commissions is a program established to foster and increase contributing memberships in the Auburn Alumni Association, as well as to enhance the association membership experience. This program was also created to eliminate confusion between membership in the association and membership in local clubs. Therefore, local Auburn Clubs may not charge separate membership dues, and all clubs participate in Auburn Club Membership Commissions.

Please see the Clubs Portal for the more information.

How do Auburn Clubs Benefit from Auburn Club Membership Commissions?

The Auburn Alumni Association will automatically assign members of the alumni association to a club in their area. Names and contact information are provided to the clubs to help increase communication, membership and participation in the club. The association will pay “commissions” to clubs who recruit new and returning contributing members to the association.  These incentive payments are made after the end of the association’s fiscal year, September 30, and are deposited to the club’s annual or endowed scholarship fund held by the AU Foundation or to the club’s operating expenses (no later than November 15).  If a club is working with the Auburn Alumni Association to create a club scholarship, the money will be held for up to one year. To earn commissions, contributing members need to list the name of the Auburn Club on their membership application or select it from the dropdown list when joining online at

Can my local club still have membership dues?

No. Membership will be unified. All General and Contributing Members of the alumni association will automatically be eligible for local club participation. This will eliminate confusion between club memberships and association memberships.

Who can provide my club with membership options?

Learn about the different types of contributing memberships available to you by clicking here ( When purchasing a membership, insert your club name in the Auburn Club field. Please feel free to contact the Office of Alumni Affairs – Club Management via email or phone for membership application questions.

• Email:
• Phone: 334-844-1145 or 334-844-1973

How much scholarship money will my club make by selling association memberships?

  • $10 from a NEW Annual Membership ($50)
  • $12 from a NEW Annual Joint Membership ($65)
  • $2 from an Annual Renewal ($50)
  • $62 from a NEW Life Membership ($850)
  • $86 from a NEW Life Joint Membership ($1,175)

For more information regarding club commissions, please see the Helpful Auburn Alumni Association Membership Documents on the Clubs Portal.

Can you tell me how many memberships my club has acquired this month/year?

Yes, your Auburn Club name allows us to track your memberships. Please email if you need this information.

How do people join the alumni association?

There are 3 easy ways for people to join as contributing members:

• Online at and select your local Auburn Club.

• Mail completed application with club name listed to:
Auburn Alumni Association,
Attn: Alumni Accounting
317 S. College St
Auburn, AL 36849

• Phone call to the membership department at (334) 844-2960 and mention your club name.

My club does not have a local scholarship. How do I start a scholarship?

We are eager to help you begin the process of creating a club/affiliate scholarship. Please call (334)-844-2995. Steve Inabinet, the Scholarship Coordinator, can help your club start a scholarship program.