Auburn Women

Cody Lasseter ’14

Cody Lasseter '14



I came to Auburn in 2010 ready to learn! I learned more things than I ever thought, in and out of the classroom! My four years there were some of the best I’ve ever had! I are such amazing friends and grew so much!

It’s silly and cliche, but Auburn helped me find myself. I was lucky enough to work in the Starbucks on campus in the student center which was run mainly by women. Currently I am a supervisor at a different corporate Starbucks that is run completely by women! I’m so glad to have been and to currently be surrounded by strong female characters!

Auburn also showed me so many powerful females from GTAs to professors. I had the most amazing female teachers and the inspiration they gave me will last a lifetime! I’m so grateful to Auburn for supporting women and teaching it’s students to support them as well!