Auburn Women

Collier Tynes ’13

By September 14, 2017 No Comments
Collier Tynes '13

When I told my parents I was going to Auburn, they immediately assumed it was to follow my high school boyfriend. Ironically, I chose this university because of the rare, consistent and incredible characteristics I saw in Auburn women. Every woman I met while visiting Auburn’s campus was a role model, a friend, a confidant and someone I wanted to emulate. Though each had her own accomplishments, personalities and passions, they were all focused on serving others, improving their communities, discovering their full potential and preparing for bright futures.

Even on my very first day at Camp War Eagle, Auburn women immediately invested in my growth, development and abilities. Though I served the university in various capacities, I could not have received these honors without other Auburn women encouraging me to apply, prepping me for interviews, standing by me at call outs, lifting me up when I failed and advising me when I was in leadership. Auburn women paved the way for me in too many ways to count, and it is because of this that I am committed to do the same for others.

There are no words that can accurately express how grateful I am for Auburn women and how their friendships, legacies and examples continue to impact my life. It was because of Auburn that I was recommended to work for the state’s first lady and pass significant public policy. It was because of Auburn women that I got through incredibly difficult times after college. It was because of Auburn women that I discovered my new dreams, abilities and purpose.

Thank you Auburn women, for believing in me when I was a student, and thank you for preparing me for an incredible future. Because of you, I believe in Auburn and love it.