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Lillian Parker ’14: Connecting the Community

Connecting the community with Lillian Parker

After years of academiaLillian Parker, graduating with a duel degree in Public Relations and Spanish, Lillian Parker ’14 needed to get outside of the classroom. Landing an internship with the City of Auburn Parks and Recreational Center, Parker put her degree to work. As a special events assistant she helped plan programs like their annual Easter egg hunt and handled social media.

“Working with the city is like working with one big family,” Parker said. Along with its welcoming feel, she said that Auburn also generates a large population of young and daring entrepreneurs. One business that cultivates its success here is CreateTwo — her current employer.

CreateTwo is co-owned by Jessie King, a former Public Relations instructor at Auburn, and her husband, Associate Professor of media studies Kevin Smith. They “blend the business world with the academic world,” Parker said. As teachers, research and perpetual learning is at the forefront of their business model. Not only are they on the cutting edge of what is happening in their industry, they “don’t take on everything as a profit driven business.”

“That’s what makes me feel satisfied — to know that I used what I have to make life better for somebody else,” Parker said. Ultimately she hopes to move her career into the philanthropic sector full time. “I want to use my knowledge to catch people’s attention, improve living conditions, and provide wellness opportunities.”

As a Client Account Manager, she describes her role as being the point of contact for her clientele. She oversees projects while being responsible for PR and marketing. From research surveys to remaking a business’ image, Parker and CreateTwo serve to empower each and every client.

“You never know who is going to walk through the door and that’s what makes it exciting,” she said. CreateTwo
has worked with local businesses, restaurant franchises, and industrial companies in oil, gas, and waste water.

Travel With Care” is one of their most recent projects. This campaign promotes transportation safety and courtesy between drivers and pedestrians. It will be seen around campus starting in October. createtwo1

“We’re a small company in a small town doing really big work,” Parker enthused.

Since coming to Auburn, Lillian has fallen in love with the city and her work. By committing herself academically and applying herself after graduation, she has found a way to give back to the community

“Auburn is more home to me than Montgomery ever was. Montgomery was where my parents were and where my house was, but Auburn is where I became who I am.”