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Cyndi Flint ’14: Bringing Her Art to Life.

Cyndi Flint, bringing art to life.

Cyndi Flint ‘14 likes to draw. In fact, she can draw so well, her art gives life to characters.

Flint is an animator, and she specializes in video game design.

“My favorite part about it is creating characters or the environments they will be in,” Flint said.

She is currently studying digital animation at the University of Alabama Huntsville, but she moonlights as a freelancer working on concept art and visual development for various indie game companies that are trying to make video games.


Meet Troot, one of Flint’s characters.

“When I first graduated, I thought I would find myself within a company like Electronic Arts after a few months. I was really getting ahead of myself, now that I look back on it,” Flint said. “I never really thought to look in smaller places and be able to pick projects to work on that appealed more to me.  I definitely did not see myself going back to school for a second degree in animation, but it is broadening my horizons and helping me spread my wings towards the direction I want to get to.”

Before graduating from Auburn, Flint landed her dream internship with Marvel. During her internship, she was able to eat with Marvel’s editors once a week and listen to them praise and criticize various books that had hit the shelves a week prior. She said that experience alone was one of the most enlightening.

“Interning at Marvel helped open my eyes and give me the strength to add a narrative element to my artwork,” Flint said. “The office itself is full of wonderful people, filled to the brim with ideas and enthusiasm for the company. I also have a better understanding of how they create a series from start to finish.”

For now, Flint is trying to complete her second degree while continuing to freelance, but in five years she sees herself working as an animator or 3D modeler at a studio.

Cyndi said her dream job is to work for Bioware, a company she has been following since the release of “Baldur’s Gate,” a major franchise of role-playing video games, in 1998.

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