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Elizabeth Wieck ’14: the Queen of Content at One Kings Lane

Elizabeth Wieck, the queen of content at One King’s Lane

An interest for home design was sparked in Elizabeth Wieke ’14 after interning with Redbook magazine and working in the home section.

That spark caught fire when Wieke began working as the content writer at the online furniture store, One King’s Lane.

Wieke has always been interested in interior design and her internships with Redbook and The Knot magazine only solidified her interests. On her first day, walking into One Kings Lane’s “beautiful” SoHo office, she already had some knowledge of how to style a home, but now her knowledge is vast.

“In a nutshell, what I do is give context to the products that we sell on our website so our customers can be inspired and learn how to actually use them in their space,” Wieke explained.

An average day for the Texas native includes writing copy for various events and discussing strategies for new products.

“Right now we are working on our October strategy and brainstorming holiday, which is crazy to think about in the middle of summer,” Wieke said. “This process involves brainstorming and coming up with different events and different things to write about, and keeping an eye on the wider entertaining and décor world and making sure we are on trend.”

Wieke said she also tries to read a lot of magazines just so she can stay on top of what’s going on in the home décor world as well.

One King’s Lane is just one of hundreds of furniture and home décor stores out there so what makes them different?

Wieke said it’s the way they combine editorial points of view with aspects of e-commerce.

“I think that combination is really the direction a lot of e-commerce sites are going. Instead of slapping a bunch of products on a page we want to provide a wider point of view for our customer” Wieke said. “Its has been a really big learning experience as well, not only are you looking at trends but you are looking at what the customer really wants. At the end of the day, we have to make money so it has been really interesting to learn this balance between having this unique point of view and while also making sure we are good on the business side.”